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GSC Psychology Class Conducts On-Campus Experiment

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life received the financial benefits of a brief experiment that was conducted on Monday morning March 7th by Dr. Ida Mills’ Social Psychology class. The class took part in a 15 minute trial across campus, using three social compliance techniques: foot-in-the-door, door-in-the-face, and pique. In this short trial, the students collected $66.16 for Relay for Life. Although the door-in-the-face technique garnered the most total money, the pique technique collected the highest amount of money per person. Afterwards, students discussed dependent and independent variables, research methodologies, ethics and limitations.

GSC Students conduct psychology experiment

Students from Dr. Mills’ Psychology class took their experiment to the Rusty Musket. Pictured left to right: senior Josh Tallman of Elkins, West Virginia, senior Sean Harris of Weston, West Virginia, senior Anna Williams of Burnsville, West Virginia, and senior Veronica Hamrick of Spencer, West Virginia.

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