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Spring 2015 President’s Honor List Announced

GLENVILLE, W. Va. – Glenville State College has announced the names of GSC students who attained the President’s Honor List for the Spring semester. To be named to the President’s Honor List, a student must have a 4.0 grade point average on a minimum of 12 semester hours.

The students making the President’s Honor List are listed as follows according to their county of residence:

Berkeley County: Tia M. LeMaster, Steven E. Pifer, Denver J. Tasker, Lawrence C. Wolf

Braxton County: Robert C. Cline, Larissa E. DeLuca, Erica D. Perdue, Erica N. Toler

Calhoun County: Moriah J. Creelfox, Sr., Sarah B. Lane, Randy R. Smith, Emily L. Snyder

Clay County: Casey A. Burdette, Dalton M. Holcomb, Carlee R. Scott, Katie Stover

Fayette County: Kennedy M. Cochran, Dallas A. Duncan

Gilmer County: Erin E. Bush, Andrew B. Butcher, Jonathan E. Clark, Elisabeth A. Coombs, David A. Finley, Michaela L. Gumm, Wenjie Liu, Hannah M. McCune, Valeri M. Sprouse

Kanawha County: Jesse A. Broussard, McKenzie M. Edmonds, Dillon Lane, Nicholas P. Rice

Lewis County: Anissa R. Cox, Kayla B. Rose

Marion County: Alexander D. Joseph

Marshall County: Chad E. Ingram

Mineral County: Kevin M. Brockett

Monongalia County: Brian L. Hayhurst

Nicholas County: Andrew J. Bailes, Marcella R. Bragg, Rachel A. Brown, Nathan M. Kincaid, Benjamin J. Neal, Kathryn G. Waddell

Pendleton County: Dorothy A. Daughtry, Tyler J. Gardiner, Albert L. Martin, II

Putnam County: Jessica A. Layne

Raleigh County: Joshua M. Carter, Maygon A. Mollohan

Randolph County: Tyler Fortney, Donald D. Lambert, Angela R. McWilliams

Roane County: William D. Alderman, Kathy J. Childers

Upshur County: Sarah A. Gillespie, Benjamin T. Stingo

Webster County: Kaitlyn S. Lowther, Brendan M. Rumney

Wirt County: James L. Lynch

Out of State: Raven P. Fatool, Lane C. Janek, Graydon T. Jedamski, Misty R. Johnson, Kellie N. Kinsinger, Spencer A. Steele, Ernesto Torres, Emily A. Walker, Brian S. Williams

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Spring 2015 Provost’s Honor List Announced

GLENVILLE, W. Va. – Glenville State College has announced the names of GSC students who attained the Provost’s Honor List for the Spring 2015 semester. To be named to the Provost’s Honor List, a student must have a minimum 3.5 grade point average on a minimum of 12 semester hours.

The students making the Provost’s Honor List are listed as follows according to their county of residence:

Barbour County: John D. Cockerham, Jr., Nathan S. Mayle

Berkeley County: Emily E. Brumbaugh

Braxton County: Bridget D. Carr, Jordan T. Cutlip, Bryan K. Foster, Jr., Ethan T. Hacker, Eric L. Hipkins, Natasha D. Hoffman, Elizabeth A. Jackson, Clifton W. Long, David L. Malcomb, Patricia A. McCourt, Drew A. McKown, Kristen F. Meadows, Nikki D. Paintiff, Adam W. Ramsey, Cami D. Roberts, Ryan C. Singleton, Kelsie R. Tonkin, Michael F. Wasylyk, Emmitt R. Wayne, Erica L. Whitney, Mischell L. Workman

Calhoun County: Jared B. Fitzwater, Samantha B. Fulks, Danielle N. Kendall, Quentin J. Murphy, Joseph A. Overbaugh, Aaron W. Yoak, Amara A. Yoak

Clay County: Courtney E. Cole, Kathy A. Holcomb, Nathan W. Mullins, Kaitlyn A. Murphy, Matthew S. Samples

Doddridge County: Ryan M. Mizia, Joshua L. Smith, Lindsey G. Travis

Fayette County: Vladimir V. Iotov

Gilmer County: Morgan R. Allen, Ezekiel G. Bonnett, Samantha J. Brookover, Teayria G. Cool, Conner T. Ferguson, Bethany B. Frymier, Adam L. Fuller, Clair L. Gilbert, Jazmin C. Gordon, Larisa D. Gordon, Meghan Harubin, Christina L. Jenkins, Jaime S. McCumbers, Dylan N. Montgomery, Cody M. Moore, Athena V. Morris, Kyra J. Parke-Davison, William M. Perkins, Corri C. Phillips, Emily E. Ramezan, Brett M. Rinehart, Hannah L. Roberts, Amber D. Shackleford, Kimberly A. Smith, Nathan S. Spencer, Gregory T. Steele, Curtis R. Sutphin, Tiffany A. Tomey, Kyle M. Troutman, Brook L. Turner, Ashley D. Woodford

Greenbrier County: Jacob R. Harper

Harrison County: Kolby G. Abruzzino, Nikki R. English, Gabriel B. Koontz, Megan E. Ruppert

Jackson County: Chelsey Hager, Katherine D. Mansheim

Jefferson County: Ryan D. Brandenburg, Renee V. Ritenour

Kanawha County: Aaron N. Calvert, Jerrica D. Hilbert, Kayli N. Hudson, Jonathan Z. Massey, Kenneth H. Withrow, Wayne H. Wurster, III

Lewis County: Whitney N. Alfred, James Z. Browning, Hannah L. Curfman, Brenna A. Gibbons, Jessica R. Kraus, Elizabeth J. Musselman, Chelsea E. Nickoson, Jami K. Rice, Kelly L. Weaver

Lincoln County: Rebecca L. Combs

Logan County: Kaitlyn A. Bircheat, Derrick O. Lowe

Marion County: Paige M. Tuttle

Monroe County: Joseph S. Elmore

Morgan County: Colton L. Brandenburg, Michael I. Pracht

Nicholas County: Jasin S. Coulter, Chelsea D. Dorsey, Caitlin D. Gwinn, Carrie G. Huffman, Melissa J. Jones

Ohio County: Benjamin B. Peace

Pendleton County: Holly G. Crider, Kevin R. Smith

Pocahontas County: Steven L. Casto, Kelly D. Hendrick, Brooke A. Riffe

Putnam County: Cody A. Carnefix

Raleigh County: Kristian J. Barr, Anthony C. Rakes, Frank G. Treadway, Jr.

Randolph County: Brittany L. Robinson

Ritchie County: Devon C. Cunningham, Hollie N. Gragg, Joshua C. Kaplan, Shelby N. Layfield, Brianna N. Ratliff

Roane County: Dylan P. Deweese, Corie T. Nicholson

Upshur County: Skylar A. Fulton, Abigail E. Moore

Wayne County: James M. Egnor

Webster County: Samuel A. Canfield, Hunter A. Given, Amber N. King, Tonya N. Sahl

Wirt County: Madison J. Parker

Wood County: Meghan D. Ruddlesden, Joshua A. White

Wyoming County: Brandon L. Peck

Out of State: Tequila K. Beatty, Joseph A. Brandal, Devin E. Cain, Erica T. Damone, Noah R. Green, Raven C. Greer, Justin T. Lewis, Momi P. Lievan, Alfonso Medina, Stephen G. Mickle, Nicole G. Newcomb, Donald Pierre-Louis, Art’om T. Rank, John Royce, Sean A. Steele, Troy A. Steele, Samantha M. Weaver, Tanner M. Wright

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Nine Students Graduate from Hidden Promise Program


For More Information:
Glenville State College
Public Relations Department
(304) 462-4115

HPS May 2015 Grads

Travis Nesbitt, Madison Martin, Gabriella Brown, Katelyn Deem, Caitlin Gwinn, Seth Doss, Ryan Hubbard, Corie Nicholson, and Rockelle Shackleford

GLENVILLE, WV – Nine Glenville State College Hidden Promise Scholars (HPS), Gabriella Brown, Kaitlin Deem, Seth Doss, Caitlin Gwinn, Ryan Hubbard, Madison Martin, Travis Nesbitt, Corie Nicholson, and Rockelle Shackelford, were recognized as graduates of the Hidden Promise program at a ceremony held at the end of April.

GSC President Dr. Peter Barr welcomed the students and congratulated them on their accomplishments. “These graduates represent a critical step toward fulfilled potential; they will soon hold a Glenville State College diploma. With that sign of documented perseverance, they are joining an exclusive society, and with that membership comes broad recognition of their energy, commitment, stamina, focus, and ambition. I salute them on earning this high distinction,” said Barr. The students became official GSC graduates on Saturday, May 9 after GSC’s 141st Commencement Ceremony.

Following a special dinner in their honor, the students gave brief remarks recalling their times at GSC and in the Hidden Promise program.

Gabriella Brown, from Calhoun County, West Virginia, graduated with a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree. While at GSC she was an active member of Alpha Rho Tau (GSC’s art club). After graduation she plans to return to Glenville State to complete her Elementary and Middle School teaching degrees and later work toward a Master’s in Education Theory and Practice.

In her speech Brown spoke about how much she enjoyed being in the program. “I felt very honored when I was first asked to join the Hidden Promise Consortium. Everyone in the program has been very nice to me,” said Brown.

Katelyn Deem, from Wirt County, West Virginia, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree. While at GSC she earned spots on both the President’s and Provost’s Honor Rolls several times. After graduation she plans on furthering her education and hopes to become a principal.

“My favorite part about being a Hidden Promise Scholar was mentoring 30 high school students in Fayette County. That aspect of the HPS program is a really good thing that benefits both the mentor and the mentees. I’m glad that I was able to help guide them in reaching their goals and hope that I was the mentor to them that I wish I would have had in high school,” said Deem.

Seth Doss, from Pocahontas County, West Virginia, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management. During his college career he played two years of football at Marshall University before transferring to Glenville. After graduation, he plans on attending Pierpont Community and Technical College to pursue a degree in Electrical Utility Technology and work as a lineman.

Seth shared these comments about his Hidden Promise experience, “I want to thank my parents and the HPS staff – especially Marlon [Henry] and Stacy [Adkins]. Being at GSC, you feel very welcome and everyone knows one another. Where else could you go turkey hunting in the morning and still go to class in the afternoon?”

Caitlin Gwinn, from Nicholas County, West Virginia, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science degree. While at GSC she was on the Provost’s Honor Roll List, a member of ROTC, a member of the West Virginia National Guard, Secretary of the Behavioral Science Club and of Sigma Pi Xi. After graduation, she plans on attending Concord University to obtain a Master’s Degree in Social Work and hopes to work with young children.

“I have been fortunate to be in this program which has taught me so much about myself. I’ve learned how to be a leader through working at the summer camps. My advice to future graduates is to push forward and try; the faculty and staff here will help you and you’ll get through it,” said Gwinn.

James ‘Ryan’ Hubbard, from Clay County, West Virginia, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree. While at GSC he was an active member of the Army ROTC Program. After graduation he plans to enlist as active duty in the United States Army as a Chaplin.

“I express my sincere gratitude to the HPS program. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how scary going to college can be. The people at GSC do their best to ease that process,” said Hubbard.

Madison Martin, from Nicholas County, West Virginia, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in management. While at GSC she was a four-year member of the Lady Pioneer Basketball Team and made the Provost’s Honor Roll List all four years. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a business career with a major company.

“After four years of playing basketball, I can say that it has consumed a lot of my time. I want to thank Dr. and Mrs. Barr for their support…they attend nearly every game. My advice to future graduates is to take it slow; you’ll be here sooner than you think. Be sure to study and meet as many people as you can. And remember, the professors are here to help you,” said Martin.

Travis Nesbitt, from Lewis County, West Virginia, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree in Administration of Justice. While at GSC he was a member of ROTC, Student Government Association President, Student Representative to the GSC Board of Governors, attended a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and attended the Campus Allies Mission to Israel. He has since been commissioned as a Signal Officer in the United States Army National Guard and will attend the Basic Officer Leadership Course at Fort Gordon, Georgia with follow on duty in the 151st Military Police Company in Gassaway, WV.

“I want to say thanks to my fellow graduates, my friends, parents, Dr. and Mrs. Barr, and my professors. The people in this room are my family,” Nesbitt said at the event.

Corie Nicholson, from Roane County, West Virginia, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science. While at GSC she served as a Hidden Promise Mentor. After graduation she plans pursue a Master’s Degree and an Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology.

Nicholson shared the following about her experience at Glenville State, “What I think is so special about GSC is that you get relationships, I just don’t see that closeness anywhere else. My advice to future graduates is to remember that what you do here in college is important and to keep pushing to make the world a better place for what you’ve done.”

Rockelle Shackleford, from Lewis County, West Virginia, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science. She recalled her favorite Hidden Promise memories, “My favorite part about the HPS program was the high school summer camps. They taught me team building skills and allowed me to meet new friends. I urge others to keep their studies a priority, but never forget to have fun too.”

In addition to accepting a plaque and commemorative class ring, the new graduates also inscribed the Hidden Promise Book. In signing the volume, graduates commit to ‘always accepting the obligations and the challenges of guiding the young to education, knowledge, and love of the human spirit; to demonstrate respect for all people, and cultivate the trained, yet free, minds appropriate to sustaining and advancing a democratic way of life; and to striving to become knowledgeable, ethical, caring citizens who embody the qualities that the Hidden Promise program fosters.’

The Hidden Promise Scholars program is a component of GSC’s Hidden Promise Consortium. The program is an alliance between Glenville State College and county school districts throughout West Virginia and in Ohio and Connecticut aimed at improving communication between higher education and teachers, staff, and students in grades eight through 12. Other goals include increasing the number of high school and college graduates as well as aligning the curricula of K-12 and higher education.

Students are often inducted into the program while still in high school after being chosen by their school counselors, teachers, and principals. The scholars mentor with current college students and take part in campus visits and annual summer camps. Upon high school graduation, HPS students who opt to attend GSC receive a $1,000 scholarship which is renewable annually throughout their enrollment as a full-time student.

For more information on the GSC Hidden Promise Scholars Program, contact Program Director Teresa Sterns at or (304) 462-6100.

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Five Inducted into GSC Athletic Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The 2015 inductees, all graduates of Glenville State College, are Dick Barrett ’55, Tom Coates ’78, Leandis Hodges, Jr. ’79, Larry Taylor ’84 and Paul Grier, Jr. ’91

Glenville, W.Va. – Five individuals were inducted into the Glenville State College Curtis Elam Athletic Hall of Fame during the college’s annual Hall of Fame banquet and induction ceremony on Saturday, May 16th .

The 2015 inductees, all graduates of Glenville State College, are Dick Barrett ’55, Tom Coates ’78, Leandis Hodges, Jr. ’79, Larry Taylor ’84 and Paul Grier, Jr. ’91.

Dick Barrett, a native of Glenville, excelled in football, basketball and baseball at Glenville High School where he played each sport for four years; also at Glenville State College where he lettered 13 times. He served as quarterback for the Pioneers; as point guard for the Pioneer basketball team where he was known as “sparkplug” for energizing his team; as short stop, second baseman, and outfielder for GSC’s baseball team and as a golfer.

Dick was a freshman on the 1950-51 WVIAC Basketball Championship team when they went to Kansas City for the NAIA Championship. His career total in basketball was 877 points, eighth highest in Pioneer hoop annals at the time. He tallied 33 points as a freshman, 301 as a sophomore, 361 in his junior season and 182 as a senior for an average of 10.8 points a game during his college career.

The diminutive Barrett always played his greatest in the crucial games, averaging better than 15 points a game in his last three basketball tourney appearances.

He began officiating in college and worked his way up to being one of the top ranked officials in Northern Virginia by 1965.  Over the next 16 years, Barrett worked finals of a district and regional tournament each year.  From 1970-81, he was selected to work in nine Virginia state high school tournaments before health issues forced him to give up refereeing.

Dick retired in July 1987 and returned to his native Glenville where he can be found on the golf course most every day.  He averages 200 rounds per year.

Tom Coates was a two year basketball transfer from Allegheny Community College in Pennsylvania.  He was inducted into that schools’ Hall of Fame in 2008.

He led the Pioneers in scoring and rebounding during the 1976-77 season, received 1977 Honorable Mention All-American status, First Team WVIAC ALL-Conference in 1977 and was a member of the 1977 WVIAC ALL-Tournament Team.

Coates scored 470 points in 1975-76 and 479 points in 1976-77. His 46 points in the 1977 Glenville vs Alderson Broaddus game was the highest single game point production at the time. He was the 1978 winner of Glenville State’s prestigious Montrose Award and was in a couple NBA camps until their final cut, specifically the New Orleans Jazz and the Detroit Pistons.

Coates continues to play in the American Old Timers League, Pittsburgh chapter and was named MVP when his Pittsburgh team captured the American Old Timers League Championship for the 2013 season. He works at Pressley Ridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a Family Specialist.

Leandis Hodges Jr., a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, was named WVIAC Offensive Player of the Week on numerous occasions throughout his college football career. He received All-American status as a Running Back in 1976 (NAIA), this selection placing him in a very elite group of GSC football players to have been recognized for this prestigious national honor.

He rushed for over 1,351 yards his junior year, making him the third leading single season rushing leader in Glenville State College history; a record that he still holds. Hodges also remains 6th on the Career Rushing Yardage Leader Chart with 1947 yards which he also accumulated in 1976. He scored the first touchdown at Pioneer Stadium (now known as Morris Stadium) against Gardner-Webb College in the opening game of the 1977 season.

Known as one of the friendliest students on campus, Hodges exhibited the character traits that are emblematic of a GSC student athletic and with his excellent leadership skills, served as co-captain of the 1977 Pioneer football team.

He is employed by the US Department of Treasury, Bureau of Printing and Engraving, located in Fort Worth.

Larry Taylor, a St. Mary’s High School Track and Cross Country standout, was a Four-Time ALL-Conference Cross Country Runner and Track Star earning Three-Time League MVP in Cross-Country and Two-Time High Point during the high school’s conference track meets.

He led the Pioneers to Three Cross Country Titles and received the Pioneers First-Ever Track Title in 1984. Taylor is especially remembered for his performance in the WVIAC Conference Track and Field events.  Specifically one year at the Conference, he requested to run the 800, 1500, 5000, and 10,000 meter events.  The first day he won the 5,000, the second day, he won the 800, 1500, and 10,000 meter events.  He went out extremely fast at the “bell lap” and the top 800 competitors could not catch him.

Taylor also went out hard and fast in the 10,000 and his top competitor couldn’t catch him. He enjoyed a very successful road-racing career up until three years ago, many times participating in meets that were 15 miles long.  He still runs competitively.

Paul Grier, Jr., a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, excelled in Pioneer Basketball.  He is 11th on Glenville State’s All-Time Career Scoring Leaders Chart with 1670 Points during his playing time, 1985-1989. As a Point Guard for the Pioneers under Hall of Famer Coach Gary Nottingham, he played in three WVIAC Tournament “Final Fours”, posting a record of 7-4 in tournament play. Grier drained last second field goals to secure wins in two successive tournament settings, helping the Pioneers advance in post season play.

He was named to the WVIAC Tournament Selection two times and made ALL-WVIAC Section in 1988 and 1989. Grier holds Glenville State’s record for the most 3 point field goals in one game (9).  He remains 4th on the Three Point Season Chart with 46.1 points in 1988-89 and 6th on the Three Point Goals Career Leaders Chart with 151 points in 1986-89. Grier is also ranked 3rd on the Three Point Career Leaders Chart at 43.1%, 1986-89 and received the college’s prestigious Montrose Award in 1991.

Paul played on 4 straight winning WVIAC season teams, the teams winning 63 over all games, 16 wins a year. He is remembered for his magnificent clutch shots.

Nine former Curtis Elam Hall of Fame inductees were in attendance at the banquet and induction ceremony to extend their welcome to the Class of 2015 inductees into the ranks of GSC’s Hall of Famers. They included: Matt Bullett, Steve Gandee, Coach Bill Hanlin, Bob Hardman II, Ralph Holder, Coach Gary Nottingham, Keith Pritt, Keith Smith and Bob Turner.

The Curtis Elam Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 2001 through the generosity of the late Curtis Elam, a 1949 GSC graduate. Hall of Fame member plaques are displayed in the lobby of the Physical Education Building.

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GSC Celebrates Alumni Day 2015


For More Information:
Glenville State College
Public Relations Department
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GLENVILLE, WV – Glenville State College graduates and friends gathered on campus for the 2015 Alumni Day on Saturday, April 25th. A day full of activities culminated with the annual Alumni Banquet in the Mollohan Campus Community Center Ballroom. Those in attendance enjoyed a buffet dinner and the presentation of the 2015 GSC Alumni Association award recipients.

Alumni Day Walt Turner

The Alumnus of the Year Award is presented to Walt Turner (left) by Ralph Holder

The evening’s prestigious Alumnus of the Year Award was presented to Walter W. ‘Walt’ Turner. The award is given to a graduate of Glenville State College for outstanding contributions in their chosen field or for outstanding personal accomplishments. Right out of college Turner began his career at Koppers, a Fortune 500 company with worldwide facilities, as a production assistant and worked his way up to President and Chief Executive Officer, a position he would hold until his retirement in December 2014. Turner currently serves on the board of trustees for Carnegie Museums and the Junior Achievement Board. He is a native of Bedford County, Pennsylvania and graduated from Glenville State College in 1969 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He also attended Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College.

Alumni Day Mike Lieving

Community Service Award recipient Mike Lieving (left) with Bob Marshall

The Community Service Award was presented to Mike Lieving ’76.  This award is given to an individual who has distinguished themselves in community service. After graduation Lieving began a career in banking in Mason County, West Virginia where he has resided with his family for the past 30 years. He is currently employed by the Farmers Bank and Savings Company where he is the President of the West Virginia Division and Chief Lending Officer. He is a past chairman and still serves on the Pleasant Valley Board of Trustees, past president and board member of the Mason County Chamber of Commerce, Mason County Community Foundation Board member, past chairman and current member of the Board of the West Virginia Bankers Association, and is involved with the St. Paul Lutheran Church in New Haven, West Virginia where he also served as past council president. Lieving is a native of West Columbia, West Virginia and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Glenville State College where he majored in Economics with minors in Marketing and Retailing.

“Unlike most college students, I attended no social events because my wife and I were busy with classes and taking care of our daughter. Sometimes it was very difficult for us to find a babysitter to watch our daughter when we both were in class, but my sister was in a sorority so we had 25 more ‘sisters’ to help watch her. She was known as the ‘Pioneer Football’ because she was watched by so many people,” Lieving recalled.

Alumni Day Karina Kendrick

Outstanding Young Alumna Karina Kendrick (left) with her former coach Dennis Fitzpatrick

The Outstanding Young Alumna Award was presented to Karina Kendrick ’08.  This award is presented to a female graduate who is less than thirty-six years old who has achieved early and remarkable success in their career. Kendrick received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology at Glenville State College where she graduated summa cum laude. She also was a member of the Lady Pioneer Basketball team where she earned honors from the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WVIAC) all four years of her undergraduate career. Kendrick attended the West Virginia University College of Law where she graduated Order of Coif (top 10% of her graduating class) and earned her J.D. in 2011. She began her law career at Jackson Kelly PLLC in Charleston, West Virginia and recently relocated to Westlake, Ohio where she is working as an Associate with Jackson Lewis P.C., an AmLaw 100 and Global 100 ranked law firm.

“My time at Glenville State prepared not only me but my teammates on the Lady Pioneer Basketball team for all of the challenges that we would face and for all of the achievements in my life. It has helped me get through law school and I continue using what I learned at GSC in my practice today,” Kendrick said.

Alumni Day Tony Minney

Outstanding Young Alumnus Tony Minney (left) with Dennis Carpenter

The Outstanding Young Alumnus Award was presented to Tony Minney ’08.  This award is presented to a male graduate who is less than thirty-six years old who has achieved early and remarkable success in their career. Minney was involved in many different activities and organizations while at GSC and stated, “Glenville State College was a great experience for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it. During my time at Glenville I held many different leadership positions in the Student Government Association and a few other organizations. Being involved while in college has given me wonderful leadership skills that I use daily in my professional career.” After graduation, Minney has been the Technology Integration Specialist at Gilmer County High School, Principal at Pleasant Hill Elementary School, and is currently serving as Principal at Braxton County High School and is in the last year of his doctoral program. He resides in Coxs Mills, West Virginia with his wife Kyre-Anna (nee Bartz) Minney ’08 and their two children.

Alumni Day Ressie Thomas

Outstanding Teacher Award recipient Ressie Thomas (right) with Kyre-Anna Minney

The Outstanding Teacher Award was presented to Ressie (nee Brown) Thomas ’90.  This award is designated for public school teachers who have distinguished themselves during their careers. Thomas graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Multi-Subjects K-8, and an Associate’s Degree in Sign Language Interpreting. Later on she received a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education pre-school-adult from Marshall University and is currently working on a dissertation for her Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from Liberty University. She has worked for seventeen years as the Nicholas County deaf and hard of hearing teacher and, since 2012, has served as the Regional Outreach Specialist for the WV Schools for the Deaf and Blind which covers fifteen counties in central and southeastern West Virginia. She also teaches sign language for New River Community and Technical College and is a member of the Delta Kappa Gamma honor society where she has served as the President of the Nu Chapter since 2014. She has also interpreted sign language for governors, senators, and former President Bill Clinton.

“I am so thankful for Glenville State for opening me up to so many great people who have become lifelong friends. I would never have made it through without them and their support,” said Thomas. She currently resides in Summersville, West Virginia.

Alumni Day Dr. Joe Evans

Alumni Achievement Award recipient Dr. Joe Evans (left) with Dr. Gary Morris

The Alumni Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Joe Evans ’63. This award is given to a graduate who has distinguished themselves in their chosen field. After graduation from GSC, Evans completed his Master of Science from Ohio State University and later received his Doctor of Education from West Virginia University. Except for a few early years in his career, Evans has been employed at his alma mater since 1970. While working at Glenville State College he has served the institution in many positions including: Provost and Senior Vice President, Dean of Teacher Education, and an instructor of Science Education, Earth Science, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. He has been the recipient of many awards throughout his career including: West Virginia University College of Education and Human Services Hall of Fame inductee, Outstanding Faculty Award from the GSC Alumni Association, Curtis Elam Professor for Teaching Excellence at GSC, Faculty Marshal, and many more. Evans resides in Glenville, West Virginia with his wife June.

Alumni Day Bill Deel

Alumni Service Award recipient Bill Deel (left) with John Hoover

Immediate past Alumni Association President Bill Deel was recognized with the Alumni Service Award at the banquet. The award is reserved for those who have and continue to give their all to the College. In addition to his continued support for the Alumni Council, he also serves on the GSC Board of Governors and the GSC Foundation Board. As part of the evening’s proceedings, Deel recognized eight special alumni and friends of the College who had passed away in the last year. Those recognized in memoriam included: Coach Earl ‘Whitey’ Adolfson, Dr. Billie M. Atkinson ’56, Joyce (Georgalis) Geyh ’53, Dr. Robert ‘Ted’ Hauman ’65, Thomas McPherson ’58, Ronnie Barker Peters ’59, Frances ‘Fran’ (Myers) Schmetzer ’43, and H. Laban White, Jr. ’37.

For more information about alumni affairs at Glenville State College, contact Alumni Director Debbie Nagy via e-mail at, by phone locally at (304) 462-4122, or toll-free at (866) 239-0285.

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Incoming Freshmen Invited to Register at GSC


For More Information:
Public Relations & Marketing
Glenville State College
(304) 462-4115

GLENVILLE, WV—Incoming Glenville State College freshmen are invited to complete their course registrations on Saturday, June 20 at GSC’s Registration Day.

Activities begin at 8:30 a.m. with a check in and light refreshments in the Land Resources Area of GSC’s Waco Center followed by a brief welcome and class registration until 11:00 a.m. Representatives from GSC’s Financial Aid Office also will be there in the morning to answer questions.

Registration Day postcard“Registration Day is a fantastic event for our new students to receive academic advising and prepare their fall schedules. Our goal is to get them familiar with their new home for the next four years. We are excited to welcome the Class of 2019 into the beautiful Waco Center and show everyone the changes that are happening on our dynamic campus,” said GSC Director of Admissions Ashley Weir.

After the event, students and their families are invited to enjoy the vendors, displays, food, and more at the Annual West Virginia State Folk Festival in downtown Glenville. The Folk Festival has celebrated Appalachian history and culture for over 50 years.  Folk Festival festivities run from Thursday, June 18 through Sunday, June 21.

For more information, contact or (800) 924-2010.

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Academically Talented Students Honored at GSC


For More Information:
Glenville State College
Public Relations Department
(304) 462-4115

GLENVILLE, WV – Twenty-three members of Glenville State College’s Class of 2015 received ceremonial stoles recognizing them as honor graduates at an Honor Graduates Reception on May 7 at the home of GSC President Peter Barr and his wife Betsy. Students with grade point averages between 3.85 and 4.00 are acknowledged as summa cum laude, GPAs between 3.70 and 3.84 are recognized as magna cum laude, and GPAs between 3.50 and 3.69 are honored as cum laude.

Students achieving summa cum laude distinction are: Andrew J. Bailes of Canvas (Nicholas County), Julie A. Greenlee of Duck (Clay County), and Morgan L. (nee Mullens) Smyth of Craigsville (Nicholas County).

Magna cum laude graduates are: Holly G. Crider of Brandywine (Pendleton County), Alexander D. Joseph of Fairmont (Marion County), Hunter E. McWhorter of Horner (Lewis County), Jessica A. Parsons of Worthington (Marion County), Meghan D. Ruddlesden of Parkersburg (Wood County), and Mischell L. Workman of Burnsville (Braxton County).

Cum laude graduates are: Steven L. Casto of Marlinton (Pocahontas County), Adam L. Fuller of Durbin (Pocahontas County), Stefanie J. Gladders of Vernon (British Columbia, Canada), Kayleigh A. Huck of Delaware, Ohio, Graydon T. Jedamski of Broadway, Virginia, Robert ‘Robbie’ Mann Jr. of Great Cacapon (Morgan County), Andréa E. Osborne of Glenville (Gilmer County), Heather N. Roop of Summersville (Nicholas County), Shelby M. Scott of Parkersburg (Wood County), Jared M. Shipe of Harrisville (Ritchie County), Randy R. Smith of Grantsville (Calhoun County), Bradley M. Stutler of Clarksburg (Harrison County), Alyssa Brooke White of Buffalo (Putnam County), and Ashley D. Woodford of Coxs Mills (Gilmer County).

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Huck Receives Student Leadership Award at GSC Commencement


For More Information:
Glenville State College
Public Relations Department
(304) 462-4115

GLENVILLE, WV – Kayleigh Huck, a 2015 Glenville State College teacher education graduate, was presented with the Student Leadership Award at GSC’s Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 9. She is the daughter of Steve and Maria Huck of Delaware, Ohio.

“It was a complete surprise when my name was called at commencement. I have been part of a lot here at Glenville State, but when I was sitting among so many other amazing graduates and friends – I didn’t expect my name to be called. It was a true honor and blessing to be seen as a student worthy of the Student Leadership Award and receiving it meant so much to me,” Huck commented.

Nominations from faculty members touted her multiple accomplishments and activities around campus and described her as possessing a, “drive for excellence.”

Kayleigh Huck

President Barr and Kayleigh Huck

That description should come as no surprise for someone who has participated in cross country, softball, and track and field as a student athlete. She also served as a Resident Assistant for two and a half years, was a member of the science and math honorary Chi Beta Phi, and was elected homecoming queen in 2014. All of that in addition to preparing for degrees in Elementary Education (K-6), General Math-Algebra l (5-9), and Science (5-9).

“Being a multiple sport athlete while being a full time student was extremely challenging but it taught me many important skills such as organization and time management which will be crucial for me in the future. Even though at times I felt overwhelmed, I loved being able to participate in so many activities which allowed me to meet so many amazing people,” said Huck.

She plans on substitute teaching in the Glenville area for the remainder of the current school year. After that she hopes to find a teaching position in either mathematics or science in Gilmer or a surrounding county.

“My favorite thing about GSC is how friendly and welcoming everyone in the community is. I always knew I wanted to come to a smaller college and when I was touring for athletics about six years ago I went to many different schools, but from the moment I stepped foot on Glenville’s campus I knew this was where I wanted to be,” Huck said. “Everyone was so happy and welcoming and it made me feel like these people cared about me and my education. That was really important since I was going to be about five hours from home.”

“I have to thank my parents, sister, family, and boyfriend for their never-ending support. My parents have raised me to be strong-willed and a dreamer; they taught me to always be accountable and never rest until the job is done. To my sister for always pushing me to be the best role model I can be; she constantly reminds me that I have the power conquer any challenge that comes into my life. To my boyfriend for his constant support. And to the rest of my family for the motivation to be the best person I can be. I am extremely grateful!” she concluded.

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Retirees Return to GSC for Recognition, Lunch


For More Information:
Glenville State College
Public Relations Department
(304) 462-4115

GLENVILLE, WV – With nearly 60 people in attendance, Glenville State College’s president recently welcomed former employees back to campus for a Retirees Luncheon. The event, according to President Peter Barr, was a chance to honor those who devoted years of work to ensure the success of the college. “These individuals built the culture that lets our students know we care. I appreciate all of the things that they’ve brought to this campus over their many years of accumulated service,” he said.

Retired GSC Faculty

Phil Rossano, Jim Meads, Harry Rich, Rick Sypolt, Dr. Mike Smith, Ralph Bame, Dr. John Curran, Bill Bonnett, Dr. Sharon Kraus, Charles Scott, Yvonne King, George Harper, Linda Riegel, Dr. Kathy Butler, Dr. David Gillespie, and Dr. Gary Gillespie

The crowd included recent retirees and some who had not been back to GSC in several years. Nearly every office and academic department across campus had representation from the group that assembled to reminisce and share memories. Many of the former professors and staff members who attended also were Glenville State College graduates.

Professor Emerita Dr. Sharon Kraus explained how she and fellow emeriti professor Dr. James ‘Jim’ Meads had been Glenville classmates before they went on to teach at their alma mater. “Jim and I were students here before we were teachers. Something that always stands out in my mind was when the new library was constructed when I was a student here. I can recall many people forming a line to the new building and working to transfer the materials,” said Kraus. She said she spends her time these days traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.

Linda Riegel was a professor in the Division of Business at GSC for 21 years before her retirement. “Glenville has a culture about it. When I graduated, being a Glenville grad was a feather in your cap before you ever did anything else,” she said. Riegel now volunteers her time at an elementary school library and runs 5Ks with her daughter, Taylor.

Retired GSC Staff

Layne Jenkins, Jim Stalknaker, Mary Alltop, Brenda McCartney, Ginny Yeager, Karen Lay, Sherry de Rosset, Carla Conley, Wilda Kuhl, Garry Kight, Eleanor Nicholas, E. Jean Weese, Doris Williams, and Joe Wilmoth

Many of the attendees held a variety of different positions during their time at GSC. Sherry de Rosset, for instance, retired from GSC’s Robert F. Kidd Library in 2011 but previously served as secretary for the Business Department, worked in the Registrar’s Office, and was originally hired as the campus mailroom and switchboard operator in 1975.

For some, retirement has become busier than day-to-day work life. Several have returned to GSC either as part-time/temporary workers or as volunteers for the college. Garry Kight managed the college Print Shop for 40 years and still left retirement to fill in part time when needed until fully retiring last year. Karen Lay and Carla Conley, the two most recent retirees in attendance at the luncheon, are staying in their previous positions on a part-time basis to train others in the Financial Aid Office. Professor Emeritus Harry Rich taught brass in the Fine Arts Department for 19 years before his retirement but he’s now back and trains current students on the trumpet. Others, like Professor Emerita Yvonne King, volunteer their time to help the GSC Alumni Association.

Those in attendance included: Mary Alltop, Professor Emeritus Ralph Bame, Bill Bonnett, Professor Emerita Dr. Kathy Butler, Carla Conley, Dr. John Curran, Sherry de Rosset, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Dr. David Gillespie, Professor Emeritus Dr. Gary Gillespie, Professor Emeritus George Harper, Layne Jenkins, Garry Kight, Professor Emerita Yvonne King, Professor Emerita Dr. Sharon Kraus, Karen Lay, Wilda Kuhl, Brenda McCartney, Professor Emeritus James H. Meads, Eleanor Nicholas, Linda Riegel, Professor Emeritus Harry Rich, Professor Emeritus Phil Rossano, Professor Emeritus Charles Scott, Professor Emeritus Dr. Mike Smith, James Stalnaker, Professor Emeritus Charles ‘Rick’ Sypolt, E. Jean Weese, Doris Williams, Joe Wilmoth, and Ginny Yeager.

For more information about the Retirees Luncheon, contact Special Assistant to the President Debbie Nagy at or (304) 462-6100.

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GSC Hidden Promise Scholars Program Provides Summer Food Service Program


GLENVILLE, WV – The Glenville State College Hidden Promise Scholars Program announces its sponsorship of the federally funded Summer Food Service Program. The camps will be held at Glenville State College on: June 14-16, June 21-23, July 6-9, July 13-16, and August 9-13.

Meals will be provided to all eligible children free of charge. To be eligible to receive free meals at a residential camp or an enrolled program, children must meet the income guidelines for reduced price meals in the National School Lunch Program. (The income guidelines for reduced price meals by family size are listed below.) Children who are part of households that receive SNAP and/or TANF assistance are automatically eligible to receive free meals.

Eligibility is based on the following income guidelines:

Guidelines to Determine Student Eligibility, Summer Food Service Program 2015

Annual Family Income Before Deductions

Federal Income Chart For School Year July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015
Household Size Yearly Monthly
1 $21,590 $1,800
2 29,101 2,426
3 36,612 3,051
4 44,123 3,677
5 51,634 4,303
6 59,145 4,929
7 66,656 5,555
8 74,167 6,181
Each additional 7,511 626

For more information about the Glenville State College Hidden Promise Scholars Summer Food Program, please call (304) 462-6054.

The U.S Department of Agriculture prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees, and applicants for employment on the bases of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation, or all or part of an individual’s income is derived from any public assistance program, or protected genetic information in employment or in any program or activity conducted or funded by the Department. (Not all prohibited bases will apply to all programs and/or employment activities.)

If you wish to file a Civil Rights program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found online at, or at any USDA office, or call (866) 632-9992 to request the form. You may also write a letter containing all of the information requested in the form. Send your completed complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, by fax (202) 690-7442 or email at

Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339; or (800) 845-6136 (Spanish).

Persons with disabilities who wish to file a program complaint, please see information above on how to contact us by mail directly or by email. If you require alternative means of communication for program information (e.g., Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) please contact USDA’s TARGET Center at (202) 720-2600 (voice and TDD).

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