The whole purpose of education is to turn windows into mirrors
-Sydney Harris, American Journalist
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Estimated Costs for One Semester, 2015-2016

  WV Resident Non-WV Resident Metro Rate
Tuition and Fees* $3,516.00   $7,944.00   $5,736.00
Board** $2,058.00   $2,058.00   $2,058.00
Room*** $2,793.00   $2,793.00   $2,793.00
TOTAL**** $8,367.00 $12,795.00 $10,587.00

*Tuition and Fees does not include course fees or textbooks.

**Students residing in Goodwin Hall or Pioneer Village must purchase a meal card at a cost of $2,058.00 per semester.

***Room is based on double occupancy in the newly constructed Goodwin Hall. Other rates apply for single occupancy or other residence halls. Apartments for married couples are also available.

****Total fees do not include traveling expenses, laundry, course supplies, or spending money.

Meal Plans

Three meal plans (board) are available; the cost for any meal plan is $2,058.00

  • Any 15 meals per week, plus $150 per semester in flex dollars
  • Any 10 meals per week, plus $250 per semester in flex dollars
  • Any 7 meals per week, plus $350 per semester in flex dollars

You may apply for a meal plan by filling out the online form.

Room Fees

Occupancy Goodwin Hall Pioneer Village
Single $3,439.00 $3,265.00
Double $2,793.00 N/A

More information about tuition, fees, and other costs is available in the College Catalog and from Student Life.