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M.L.R’s Heart-to-Heart: Valentine’s day

If cupid hasn’t flown by and shot an arrow into your buttocks, it could happen soon. Valentine’s Day 2014 is fast approaching—and like many, maybe celebrating has yet to cross your mind (and cross your path with that venging diapered love troll and his poison darts). Or maybe anxiety has flooded your emotions since commercialism brought in the onslaught of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, promptly after Christmas. No matter your “relationship status” on Facebook, Myspace, or in real life—Valentine’s Day will affect us all. So, [...]

Jumping Into a New Semester: The GSC Pool is OPEN

With projects lined up from now until May, homework handed out left and right, trudging through ice and snow and subzero temperatures, and feeling like it’s impossible to get close enough to a professor to give them the flu, one might come to the conclusion that the spring semester is in full tilt—kicking them around like a ball bearing in a pin-ball machine. Anxiety, nail biting, boredom, and frustration are all symptoms of high stress situations—even if the stress is positive, uplifting, and happy. But [...]

Creative Minds: WANTED

On a crisp spring morning in 1979, amid the bustle of academics and the chiming of bells from the Administration Building, Glenville State students and faculty collaborated to produce an idea, forever marking student work imaginative and astute. With support from the Language and Literature Department and concerted student effort, Glenville State’s literary arts journal, the Trillium, was born. The Trillium, in its inception, was designed to showcase the creative endeavors of students, faculty and staff, and alumni. After the Trillium’s blossoming contributors gathered to [...]