An International Community

An International Community

            America is a melting pot from many nations.  Almost every country from all corners of the world have contributed to the great cultural diversity this nation enjoys.  Without this diverse collection of customs, languages, and religions, America would not be as culturally rich as we are.  There are and have been students attending GSC from a variety of countries, including Somalia, Serbia, Ireland, and Japan to list a few.

This week at GSC, we are celebrating International Week in recognition of the cultural diversity we share.  The establishment of this annual fall semester event is designed to demonstrate the importance Glenville State College places on providing its students with opportunities to learn about other societies through activities presented both by faculty, guests, and students.  This will be a chance for the students to broaden their horizons, not just of the U.S., but worldwide.  There are many speakers telling of experiences they have had with cultural differences between America and the rest of the world. These differences can be difficult when a student comes to a small town like Glenville after traveling thousands of miles to get here.

“International Week reflects the commitment of Glenville State College to preparing its students for the challenges and opportunities of living and working in a global setting,” says Dr. John Peek, GSC Provost and Senior Vice President. The GSC International Week is being funded through a grant from the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.  The grant also allows for the reestablishment of an annual ‘Multicultural Week’ at GSC during the spring semester.

Glenville State, which consists of a lot of in-state students who might not have met someone from a different country, should take this International Week opportunity to talk with their fellow students who have arrived here from other nations.  This is a good chance to see how different and alike cultures of the world are, and how we can work to improve our cultural understanding of one another.

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