Club Spotlight: Fencing

As part of International week, one of the sporting events introduced was fencing. While fencing certainly is present here in America it isn’t as common as it is over in Europe. However, after a few years of “taking a vacation” the fencing club may be back for good at Glenville State College.

Supervisor of the club, Dr. Wood, doesn’t expect anyone to be the next gold medalist in the upcoming Olympics. “I just want people to be familiar with it,” says Wood. Familiarizing people with the sport is the main objective but people in the past have had fun with it as well. While the college has enough sets of equipment for several people to spar at once, some members have taken a liking to the sport so much that they purchased their own gear.

If learning the sport is the first process then there isn’t a better man to learn from at Glenville than Dr. Wood. “I am not an expert by any means but I probably know more (about fencing) than anyone on campus.” Two people who may disagree with that statement are Aaron Hillan and Ed Frame. Both are members of the Pioneer Fencing Club. The club meets every Wednesday at 4 p.m. While the club is just club for now, there is talk about the potential of having a Fencing class at Glenville State College. “Not this spring but maybe next fall we will offer it as a class,” Dr. Wood said.

If interested you should just contact Dr. Ed Wood or simply show up to the Mat Room at 4 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon.

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