Robin Hood Sighted at GSC

The GSC Theatre Group and Alpha Psi Omega will be showing the play Robin Hood at Glenville State College in the Spring Semester. Auditions were held last Wednesday for those who were interested in taking part of this legendary tale of vigilantism as the play calls for 14 to 20 men and women. There have been many different versions of this tale and each one has been performed well. Dr. Wemm will be working on the script for the actors to look over during Christmas Break so that the performers can prepare themselves for the performances on February 20-22 with the possibility of daytime performances.

The classic tale of Robin Hood revolves around how Prince John takes advantage of the fact that King Richard is off fighting in the Crusades and over taxes the villagers. Deciding that enough is enough, young Robin Hood goes his famous “steal from the rich and give to the poor” style of justice as he and his Merry Men rob from Prince John’s tax collectors. Aside from the gold, Robin Hood also steals the heart of the lovely Maid Marian as she too sees how poorly the kingdom is under Prince John’s rule. There were also rumors that Maid Marian also formed her own band of thieves since Robin Hood wouldn’t let her join his Merry Men.

The roles of each character for the play is currently unknown at the moment as Dr. Wemm is working on the script and deciding on which actor gets what part. The play will be featured on February 20th to the 22nd during the Spring Semester with the possibility of daytime performances. For information on the play or if you are interested in taking part, you can contact Dr. Wemm via e-mail at


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