Springtime in West Virginia

via_ferrata_hillsSpringtime in West Virginia
Even though spring has officially arrived, it seems as though it is taking its sweet time bringing in the warmer temperatures. Lately, if it is not raining, the sun has been shining albeit with some very bone chilling winds, but rest assured, the warm days will soon arrive.
With this return of spring weather, I would like to encourage us all to escape from the florescent lit class and dormitory rooms, and see the kind of outdoor adventures available in the local area.
Just out of Glenville on highway 33 S is Cedar Creek State Park. This park has many things for the outdoor enthusiast to enjoy from fishing to hiking, to swimming, picnicking, and camping. This is just a short drive to experience a bit of outdoors. Besides Cedar Creek, Sutton and Burnsville (both within a short half hour drive from the college) offer these same amenities as well as offering a lake to boat and canoe. Even if you can’t make to any of these parks, many local rivers and streams offer fine times to explore the local countryside.
Now that spring is officially here, many arts and craft fairs and festivals will soon be appearing. These are good opportunities to learn of the past history of the state and a chance to explore the country around you.
via_ferrata_daveIf transportation is an issue, then you can sign up for trips with the High Adventure Program at GSC. These trips vary in cost, depending on activity and the length of the trip. These excursions are available to all students and are designed to be enjoyable, educational, and challenging to beginners as well as experienced outdoor enthusiasts. Some past adventures have included: mountain climbing and biking, kayaking, and skydiving.  If these activities spark an interest, please contact the High Adventure Program or Dave Bernier at (304)462-4114 ext. 6441.
The idea is to get you out of a confined “cabin fever” scenario, which can contribute to your mental overload, and to take yourself outside. Just a little time spent outdoors can have a refreshing effect on your attitude toward your studies. West Virginia is a beautiful state with many gems of wild places hidden away. If you have the chance to explore some of these opportunities try not to let them slip away.

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