Aliens Visit GSC

alien2If you have ever found yourself somewhere dark, damp, and spooky, where you have that feeling that you are not alone or even being watched, then you better start running…fast.  The feared aliens from the Alien movie series are visiting during the month of April to watch the movie marathon that Glenville State College’s own Sci-Fi & Fantasy Guild is going to hold. Xeno The advisors of the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Guild (SFFG) have chosen these movies because George Hoshell, one of the advisors of the SFFG, is a big fan of the series.  He was the one who proposed the idea as a means of offering activities for students to enjoy on those boring Sunday nights.  For the members of the Guild, they will be quizzed on each of the movies during their meetings on Tuesday.  There is even a possibility that the advisors for the Guild will show the movie Prometheus on May 5.   The Guild also has plans to show the Predetor series next semester.   The SFFG will show all four movies of the Alien series each Sunday evening beginning at 7p.m. during the month of April.  These will be shown in Room 16 of the Robert F. Kidd Library, where everyone is welcome to come see any of the movies they choose.   You may bring your own snacks and drinks to any of these showings, where there will also be door prizes given away. So come down and test your courage with these nasty creatures as you enjoy the movies.

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