Governing Internship

There are many students who strive in the political science field with plans to become a governor, President of the United States of America, or even a ruthless lawyer. The Frasure-Singleton Scholarship Program is offered to those students who have a major or minor in political science who would like to gain experience in the world of politics. The program, for those who are interested, is an internship with a senator or delegate that lasts for either a week or a whole semester.  The interns run errands for that delegate or senator and will sit on the sidelines during the voting process and other meetings.

Robert Rogers, a business management major, went through the program in Charleston, West Virginia. There, Robert ran a few errands for Anthony Barill and went to the meetings that Barill participated in. Robert had also met with Delegate Brent Boggs who serves as a majority whip, an elected official who keeps track of the members of the whip’s party, keeps majority protocol and procedure, and helps to keep everyone in line.

This internship program provides a good experience for those in the political science field as it provides students an inside look of our legislature and shows the difficulties of a legislator’s job from a different perspective.

For more information about the Frasure-Singleton Scholarship Program, you can contact Dr. Mike Smith in the Social Science Department or via e-mail at

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