Breakfast for Dinner

breakfastWith all the students studying for the big scary Finals, one cannot help but to feel hungry after hours of studying.  To remedy this, the GSC faculty and staff will be hosting,  Glenville State College’s traditional late night breakfast on Monday, May 6 in the Molohan Restaurant at 9 p.m.,  where all students are welcome to attend.  Whether you’re hungry or not, the event is a good way to relax your mind after so many hours of studying and cramming.  So satisfy your taste buds with the breakfast items that will be served up by the faculty and staff of Glenville State College.  You can bring your classmates or your friends, as everyone will have had to have at least pulled off one all-nighter due to all the hours of preparations for the Finals.  So come by and take a break from the accursed piles on notes and books and enjoy some fluffy eggs and a juicy sausage patty with bacon, just like Mom used to make.

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