Waco Center Classrooms Open

Waco Center under construction

The Waco Center with classroom construction completed and the arena still under development

Since July of 2010, the construction of Glenville State College’s newest addition, the Waco Center, has been underway. The Waco Center is a 25 million dollar facility which will be made up of Glenville State’s Land Resources Program, a 24 hour medical center that will also be open to the public, and a 3,000 seat stadium for sports and other events.

With the school year just beginning, the classrooms at the Waco Center are now open. Students in environmental science, natural resource, forestry, land survey, and land management courses are now attending them at the center. “The classrooms are very nice and a great learning center,” said GSC freshman Cody Moore, who is enrolled in Environmental Science 101 there. “It’s a little noisy on the outside with the construction still going on, but inside it’s quiet and doesn’t disrupt the class,” he added. The stadium section is currently still under construction.

The Waco Center is taking shape and is well on its way to being Glenville’s newest attraction. Both the college and the town are excited to see the finished product and its positive effect on the community. The completion of the Waco Center is expected for late 2013 or early 2014.

By Staff Reporter Landon Gumm

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