Home for the Holidays- A Great Way to Get into the Christmas Spirit


     On December 2 and 3, The Department of Fine Arts and the Chamber Singers put on a Christmas Show called Home for the Holidays, a little musical concert with the Chamber Singers reciting Christmas carols.

Unlike most musical concerts, which are held in the Fine Arts auditorium, this one was held in the lobby where there were chairs set up for the audience and a little Christmas setting for the singers. When asked why they decided to have it there, director Teresa Dody said, “I wanted more of a community feel. To make it less formal.” The show actually did have a community feeling because they were all sitting right next to each other, unlike if they were in the auditorium where people would be spread out. That was another reason why it was held in the lobby, so the audience could also be included in the show as a choir themselves.

The show started out with them singing classic songs “Home for the Holidays” and two songs from A Charlie Brown Christmas: “Linus & Lucy” and “Christmastime is Here.” Then they had the audience sing along to such holiday classics as “Holly Jolly Christmas,” “Frosty the Snowman,” and “It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas.”

      “I wanted more of a community feel. To make it less formal.”

 There were also some solos, including Seth Stemple and Brittany McGuire singing “Baby It`s Cold Outside,” Chelsea Dorsey with “Grown-up Christmas List” and Jason Barr on saxophone with “Go tell it on the Mountain.” Some of them even decided to do a little bit of acting with some skits. First, there was Seth Elmore and Nic Yale doing a parody of Abbott and Costello called Babbott and Cobello. It was a satire of the “Who’s On First” bit that they changed to being about a Chinese friend of Babbott`s called Who Can Sing. People who know who Abbott and Costello are would mainly get the joke, but it was still pretty funny. Along with that one,  members of the cast did another one that took place in the North Pole where Dessirae Crim playing Mrs. Claus, Brittany Lott playing her cousin Sandy, Brittany McGuire as Esther Bunny and Seth Stemple as their mailman. It was a cute little skit where in the end Mrs. Claus ended up going out to do her husband’s job delivering the toys.

By the end of the show, everyone got refreshments, which were cookies and hot chocolate to keep with the Christmas theme. In all, it was a really good show that got everyone in the Christmas spirit and all of the Chambers singers did an excellent job making that happen. On soprano were Katlin Collins, Chelsea Dorsey, Kate Hawkins, Katie Morris, Jessica Patterson and Renee Ritenour. On alto were Dessirae Crim, Courtney Clevenger, Brittany Lott and Brittany McGuire. On tenor were Seth Elmore and Seth Stemple and on baritone were Marc Jones, Michael Livesay, Jacob Masters and Nic Yale.

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