Freegal Music Program

The GSC Library is ofreegalffering a free music program through Freegal. Freegal is an online library with approximately 7 million different songs. If you are a registered patron of the library then you are allowed to download three new songs every week for the entire school year.

You can access these songs simply being a member of the library (if you are not registered it takes about two minutes if you come down to the library).  It will take a day or two for you to be registered in the system so don’t worry if you are not able to log in the first few days.

Then to be able to download the songs simply enter into your web browsers address bar and hit enter. It will take you to a login where you must enter your full 10-digit GSC ID # (2________.)  You are free to download your music for the week and even add songs to your wish list for future weeks. If you have any questions feel free to call the library at ext. 6160.

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