At Home at the Zoo has Audience Rife with Laughter

Patrick Montgomery and Whitney Stalnaker

Patrick Montgomery, Whitney Stalnaker

On opening night of At Home at the Zoo, all of the cast and crew were excited to put on such an interesting show.

The play starts out with Peter, played by Patrick Montgomery, reading a book published by his textbook company. Then his wife Ann, played by Whitney Stalnaker, comes in saying that they need to talk. The rest of act one is them talking things that included Ann thinking about having her breasts cut off to avoid breast cancer and their sex life. The chemistry between the two of them convinces the audience that they have been married for a while and that they wanted more excitement in their lives.

Act Two starts off with Peter sitting on a bench in Central Park reading, where he is interrupted by Jerry, played by Jamie Stanley, who tells Peter that she`s been to the zoo. Jerry is one of those characters that for thing can be played by either a male or female. Reiss had played Jerry before in the production he was in. In addition, Jerry is someone that both Peter and the audience isn`t really supposed to understand. She is a mystery and Stanley does a great job making that known.

Jerry then starts talking about her own sexual experiences as a teenager when she was straight. Then it all leads up to her story that she calls “The Story of Jerry and the Dog” where she is explaining how she was trying to kill her landlady`s dog with poisoned hamburgers. By the end, Peter and Jerry fight for the bench they were sitting on. Just like the first act, the acting in the second one is wonderful and it brings everyone into the world of Jerry.

As for some awkward moments, the audience who were mainly students, reacted to them by laughing most likely because they didn`t know how to react. For example, Peter decides to tell Ann about this sexual experience he had with this girl in college. When it got to this one line, they reacted like an audience at the Jerry Springer Show. There is also the scene where Peter tells Ann that he thinks his circumcision is going away, which got a big laugh out of Ann and the audience. That might be because they didn`t know how else to react and it was actually funny.

     “I was pleasantly surprised with them. They enjoyed everyone and they worked of our energy.” 

By the end, Peter and Ann knew they were still in love with each other and they will try to bring in more pleasure in their marriage. Stalnaker said about the audience: “I was pleasantly surprised with them. They enjoyed everyone and they worked of our energy.”  The acting between the two of them is amazing and it is also the second time Montgomery and Stalnaker have played a married couple. The first time was in The Diary of Anne Frank back in April where they played Otto and Edith Frank.

Jamie Stanley and Patrick Montgomery

Jamie Stanley, Patrick Montgomery

This one was very different from some of the other plays that have been done in the past for many reasons. For one thing, there were only three characters in the whole play. Also, there was a lot of adult subject matter and they were making sure that no one brought in small children. This is the first show done since fall 2009`s production of Brighton Beach Memoirswhere parents were advised not to bring their children. Another thing that was different was the director. This one was directed by Dick Reiss, who has been a production of this play before.

In short, At Home at the Zoo was a different but still breathtaking play that people who are old enough should try to check out. For those who missed it, GSC will be doing MacBeth next semester, so try to make it to their productions. Everyone involved puts a lot of effort into them, so they are worth seeing.

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