GSC Launches Media Program This Month

Glenville State College is bringing a new program to its students. This program will be a radio and television station online and has been made possible due to grants that have funded enough money to get the necessary technology. Although the program is just beginning the overall goal of the small group is to have a Communications major here at Glenville State College. Professor Jennifer Wenner will play a large role in the development of the program.

The radio station currently has three music disc jockeys. Shane Lehman, a junior who majors in English, will run a Country Rock station. Max Beaubrun, a senior, will play R+B and Rap on his station. Both, according to Wenner, have been “fast learners” in picking up the new technology and know their particular genre of music very well. The last DJ of the team is freshman Adam Fuller. Previous to attending GSC, Fuller worked on a radio station and the technology isn’t foreign to him.
Adam Fuller

Adam Fuller is a student who is a part of the new Glenville Radio station.

Five students are a part of the television side of the program. Covering the news will be Travis Nesbitt, a Glenville State College student who is highly involved in student activities. Jajuan Marshall plans to specialize in sports and both will have plenty of help in Nate Bolin, Joycelyn Williams, and Zachary Kapp. All have some broadcasting experience except Williams but Wenner assured that she is a very fast learner.

Besides the experience the young staff brings, Wenner herself spent several years working in the media field. Wenner worked from 1998 to 2002 for the American Forces Network and Film in Europe. Before coming to Glenville State, she was in Italy running a radio and television station. Not only has she worked in both media fields but she also has some experience in every aspect of radio and television. Whether a student needs help with reporting or as a DJ, she has the credentials to do so. The main focus of the group will be Health and Safety as Wenner strives to make students more knowledgeable in her field of expertise.

Both the radio and television are planning to air February 6. Wenner believes the radio will definitely be ready to go by then and is optimistic that the television network will be able to air by then as well. The latest possible day she says the television will begin airing is February 8th as there is a little more work behind putting a television network together than a radio station.  Both programs bring exciting new opportunities to Glenville.

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