2014-2015 Student Government Association – Candidate Profiles & Platforms

The Glenville State College Student Government Association has released the platforms of the candidates running for office positions for the 2014-2015 term. Candidate platforms are in the running for the offices of president, vice president, secretary, and parliamentarian.

Candidate Platforms are as follows:


  • Conner Ferguson:

My name is Conner Ferguson; I am a sophomore here at Glenville State College.  I am running to become the President of the Student Government Association.  I joined SGA as soon as I came to college and I am currently serving as the Public Relations Officer in the organization.  Other than serving in SGA, I am a brother in the fraternity Sigma Omega Beta.  Within that organization I serve as the Greek Council Representative.

I would like to be your President because the students are missing so many opportunities, and I see the need for change!  Currently the students and organizations have lost their voice, and I would like to be the one to bring it back to them.  I would stand behind them and support their decisions and stand up to the faculty and staff for them.  We are losing students because they say that they have nothing to do; if elected I would push students to join organizations as soon as they come to college.  If students are involved it will increase the retention rate and boost the students’ outlook on school.  Right now SGA is not being utilized, and if elected I will make sure that all of the great opportunities and resources are available to the students.  I have been involved in campus life since I came to school, and I feel like I am the best candidate to represent and be a positive voice for the students of Glenville State.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Please elect me as your 2014-2015 SGA President

  • Allison Taylor:

My name is Allison Paige Taylor. I am from Clay, West Virginia and graduated from Clay County High School. I currently sell Premier Designs jewelry. I am also a mentor in the Hidden Promise Consortium, and very active in my community and my school.  I am a member of the new Honors Program at Glenville.

I have already been actively involved in Student Government as a Sophomore Representative. If am elected, as your SGA President, I would make sure that issues of my fellow students would be taken care of, and would be brought before the SGA. These issues would not just be a topic of conversation, but action will be taken.  Your concerns are my concerns. I will continuously be active and involved with the Student Government Association. I will make sure that Student Government upholds to its constitution and benefits the school, the students, and our community.

This is not my campus, this is not your campus — this is OUR campus.  Together, we can make Glenville State College our home. Please consider me during the election as your SGA President.

Thank you.


-Vice President-

  • Nathan Bolin:

My name is Nathan Bolin, I am currently a junior here at GSC, and am looking to become your 2014-2015 Student Government Vice President.  Here at GSC I started getting involved very early, I joined SGA my first semester at GSC.  I joined the fraternity Sigma Omega Beta my second semester here.  Following my freshman year I joined the Army and went to basic training the summer between freshman and sophomore year.  I came back and became a cadet in the Glenville State ROTC Program.  Starting my sophomore year, I was promoted to Parliamentarian.  Ending my sophomore year I ran for treasurer and became the 2013-2014 SGA treasurer, which I am currently holding.  For my senior year I am looking to become your 2014-2015 Vice President.

I want to become your Vice President because I see a need for change here at GSC.  I feel the students really don’t have a voice.  If elected I want to give them back their voice, and be the fighting force behind their words.  Most students walk around campus and say there is nothing to do here.  I am going to change that.  If elected I also want to increase Glenville’s retention rates; I see too many students are dropping out of college, and it hurts me to see young students throwing their lives away.  The biggest way I am going to fix this problem is to encourage students to join an organization as soon as they get to college.

Please elect me as your 2014-2015 SGA Vice President

  • Joseph Neal:

My name is Joseph I. Neal. I was born in Washington D.C and will be running for Vice President in the upcoming elections. In my free time I enjoy playing sports and reading. Since my arrival at Glenville State College in the fall of 2012 I have always strove to be active around campus and to make the absolute best of my college experience. I have served as both a senator and Parliamentarian of SGA. I am also the Co-Coordinator of Pioneers for a cause (formerly known as relay for life) and Glenville State College ROTC program,

During my time serving as a Senator and later as Parliamentarian I have always fought for the interest of the student body and I have dedicated myself to making this college not just better for myself but for every member of the student body. I have worked to build bridges and forge new lines of communication. If given the opportunity to serve as Vice-President I will continue to put the needs of the students first and I will make sure that all grievances are heard and that each student of GSC can have a voice. I also will ensure that all students regardless of background have fair representation. I don’t believe in empty words and promises and I give my word that if given the chance to serve as Vice President I will be a visible, and active member of our community that will always hold myself accountable to the GSC student body.

In the words of Patriot Thomas Paine “A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.”



  • Ashley D. Bush:

My name is Ashley D. Bush and I will be running for Secretary in the upcoming Student Government Association elections. I grew up here in Glenville, WV. I am currently a second semester freshman, but a sophomore by credit hours. I joined SGA in the fall of 2013 as the Female Housing Representative here on campus. Then I became a senator at the beginning of the spring semester after I moved off campus and began commuting to and from school. I was a member of the Relay for Life organization for the duration of the fall semester. I am proudly pledging this spring as a Chi Zeta Pi member.

As the Female Housing Representative and a Senator in SGA, I have done everything in my power to get the student bodies voices heard. Any student that expresses their concerns about anything on campus gets discussed in SGA’s weekly meetings. I hope you can consider me for the Secretary office for 2014.


  • Alexis Farmer:

My name is Alexis Farmer and I am a second semester freshman here at Glenville State College.  I joined SGA last semester as a senator and I enjoy it a lot.  I am the Co-Head cheerleader of the cheer squad here at Glenville as well.  I’m also really involved in my sorority, Alpha Theta Xi, where I am the Public Relations officer.  I love being involved with my college because it gives me the opportunity to meet people throughout the college and give back to Glenville State College.  I would love to be your 2014-2015 secretary.

I feel that running for secretary would be a great opportunity for me.  I’m a very organized person.  I have strong opinions on a lot of things, and I think it would be great if I could have the chance to express them.  I would love for the students here at GSC to actually have a voice and be able to express their opinion.  I would be a great person to represent the students because I’m very outgoing and want Glenville to be a better place.  One of the things I would change here at Glenville is the fact that there aren’t many things to do that appeal to the majority of the school, I would be a great candidate for the secretary because I’m not afraid to voice my opinion or the students opinion.

Please elect me as your 2014-2015 SGA Secretary


  • Jacob M. Yocum:

My name is Jacob M. Yocum. I Graduated from Elkins High School in May of 2012. I am currently a sophomore here at Glenville State College and majoring in Social Studies Education (5-12). In my spare time, I love hanging out with friends and family. I also love to read books about ancient Greece and Rome or any type of history. I am involved in two organizations here on campus and they are the Student Government Association, and the Hidden Promise Consortium. I have been a member of SGA since September of 2013 and am currently the Male Housing Representative. I have been in the Hidden Promise Consortium here on campus since the Fall of 2012 and have been a Mentor since January of 2013.

In my role as Male Housing Representative during the school year of 2013-2014, I have been able to represent the residential students here at GSC. This position has given me insight to further involve myself with SGA and to take on more responsibility with the organization. I am running with three objectives that I will strive to focus on. First, I will hold my office with the upmost respect and work with the other SGA members to better the student’s lives while they are here at Glenville State College. Second, I will make sure that the Student Government Association meetings will run smoothly and without any delay. Third and the most important, I will let the student’s voice be heard, the individual, and the entirety of the student body.

We are a community here within itself at Glenville State College. Together we as the students, faculty, and staff can make this place our home. With this, I ask of you the student’s at Glenville State College to please consider me during the election as your Parliamentarian.


There were no candidates that filed to run for the following positions: treasurer, senior representative, junior representative, sophomore representative, commuter representative (two positions available), nontraditional student representative, and senator-at-large (4 positions available).

SGA elections will be conducted via Survey Monkey beginning Monday, March 17, 2014 through Wednesday, March 19, 2014. A link to vote in this on-line format will be sent to your student email account. It is imperative that if students wish to vote that they check their student email to do so. Students candidates will continue to campaign through Friday, March 7, 2014. An announcement of new GSC Student Government Association officers and representatives will be made public on March 20, 2014. 
For more information on Student Government and other ways to positively impact the campus and community of Glenville contact the Office of Student Life, located on the third floor of the Mollohan Campus Community Center. More information on SGA can be obtained by clicking HERE.
This information is provided as a service by the Office of Student Life.



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