GSC Volleyball Performing Well

Although the women’s volleyball team has had some setbacks this year, Coach Camai Roberson and the team have really been working hard for good performances on the courts.

Roberson stated that the team is somewhat struggling physically and is rough around the edges. The team originally had 16 players, but lost seven players to injury and sickness, recruited one new player, and is now working with a roster of 10.

The overall talent, however, is stronger than it has been in the past. Roberson and her team are better prepared and have concentrated on better teamwork. Roberson believes, “The longer you coach, the better you get.”

The team usually trains through conditioning for three days and works to develop in fast-twitch muscles with shorter sprints. They also have team building nights where members of the team have open conversations that create cooperation and teamwork.

The goal of the team is like any other sports team: win games. Roberson also wants everyone on the team to find that final click to give 100%. Roberson said, “Sometimes one player is playing 90% and another is playing at 98%. You really need everyone to be on the same page, working together at the same level at the same time.”

Roberson credited Dejana Ludoski, Heather Stout, Ella Messinger, and Natalie Baumgarter for team leadership. The most notable leader that Roberson has is freshman Rachel Morris who plays DS, defense specialist. “She is someone you want to follow,” Roberson stated.

At the first home game, the team had an amazing crowd – “almost as big as basketball games,” Roberson claimed. The team hopes to keep the students’ interest through the rest of the season. The team travels to Philadelphia for games with West Chester and Lock Haven this weekend, and will be hosting several home games in early October.





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