Wenwen Du
Dr. Wenwen Du
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Science Hall



Ph.D. Mathematics - University of Kentucky

M.A. Secondary Mathematics Education - University of Kentucky

M.S. Materials Science - University of Kentucky

M.E. Materials Science and Engineering - Southeast University, Nanjing, China

B.E. Materials Science and Engineering - Southeast University, Nanjing, China

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Du joined the Glenville State faculty in 2014 as an assistant professor in the department of Science and Mathematics. He teaches finite mathematics, college algebra and pre-calculus. His research interests include continuum mechanics, polycrystalline materials, crystallographic texture, contact deformation of materials, mechanical behavior of materials, and micromechanics of advanced materials.



  • Kazumi Tanuma, Chi-Sing Man and Wenwen Du, “Perturbation of phase velocity of Rayleigh waves in pre-stressed anisotropic media with orthorhombic principal part”, Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 18(3), pp. 301-322, 2013
  • Fuqian Yang, C B Jiang, Wenwen Du, Z QZhang, Suoxing Li and Scott X Mao, “Nanomechanical characterization of ZnS nanobelts”, Nanotechnology 16(8), pp. 1073–1077, 2005
  • Fuqian Yang, Wenwen Du, and Kenji Okazaki, “Microindention of aluminum alloy (AA60601) by various reductions”, Journal of Materials Research 20(5), pp. 1172-1179, May 2005
  • Wenwen DU, Yangshan Sun, Xuegang Min, Feng Xue, Dengyun Wu, “Influence of Ca addition on valence electron structure of Mg17Al12”, Transactions of nonferrous metals society of China 13(6), pp.1274-1279, Dec 2003
  • Wenwen Du, Yangshan Sun, Xuegang Min, Feng Xue, Min Zhu, Dengyun Wu, “Microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-Al based alloys with calcium and rare earth additions”, Materials Science and Engineering: A 356(1-2), pp.1-7, 2003

Recent Presentations:


  • 04/2015: A Ball, a Cube, and ‘Ears’: An Introduction to Polycrystals. Mathematics and Science Seminar Sponsored by Student organization of Chi Beta Phi. Glenville State College
  • 12/2014: Material tensors and pseudotensors of weakly-textured polycrystals with orientation measure defined on the orthogonal group. Applied Mathematics Seminar (Dissertation Defense). University of Kentucky
  • 07/2013: Material tensors of weakly-textured polycrystals with crystallite symmetry defined by an improper point group. Applied Mathematics Seminar. University of Kentucky