Tuition & Fees

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Estimated Cost Per Semester


West Virginia Resident


Tuition $4,022 $4,852
Fees $510 $510
Board (Meal Plan)[1] $2,438 $2,438
Room[2] $2,949 $2,949
Books[3] $360.00 $360.00
TOTAL[4] $10,279 $11,109

[1] Board (Meal Plan)

Students residing in Goodwin Hall or Pioneer Village must purchase a meal plan at a cost of $2,438.00 per semester. The basic meal plans are as follows:

  1. Any 21 meals per week, plus $100 per semester in “flexible dollars” or,
  2. Any 14 meals per week, plus $250 per semester in “flexible dollars” or,
  3. Any 10 meals per week, plus $350 per semester in “flexible dollars.”

Commuters with at least 9 hours are required to purchase a $50 Non-resident Food Service Plan.

[2] Room

Room rate is based on most affordable double occupancy in Goodwin Hall. There is an additional charge per semester for a private room in the residence hall. You may contact Student Life for additional information.

  • Goodwin Hall charge - $3,663 for a single room per semester or $2,949 for a double room per semester.
  • Pioneer Village - $3,459 per semester (single occupancy)

[3] Books

Full-time Students - those taking between 12 and 18 Credit Hours - pay a flat fee of $360 per semester.

Part-time Students (those taking under 12 credit hours) or for students taking more than 18 credit hours, the book fee is $24 per credit hour.

[4] Total/Fees

Total fees do not include traveling expenses, course supplies, laundry or spending money.

The University reserves the right to increase or decrease the rates for room and board, without notice, should economic conditions make a change necessary.

Meal Plans

Dining Services has a variety of meal plan options to choose from. A two-week window is available to change your meal plan each semester. Call (304) 462-4108 to set up your meal plan or to learn more.

Room Charges


Occupancy Goodwin Hall Pioneer Village
Single $3,663.00 $3,459.00
Double $2,949.00 N/A

More information about tuition, fees, and other costs is available in the College Catalog and from Student Life.