Our Mission

Mission Statement

Glenville State College prepares and inspires students to be thoughtful, productive, engaged, and responsible citizens who contribute to the well-being of their community, state, nation, and world.

Vision Statement

Glenville State College will be recognized as one of the best small public liberal arts colleges in the country.

Guiding Principles

The College is guided by key principles in the advancement of its mission and vision. These principles are:

Student Centered

The College will act in the best interest of students in the development and implementation of its academic programs and student support services.


The faculty, staff, and students of the College will work collaboratively to enrich the learning environment and educational practices of the institution.


The College will exhibit and celebrate the span of human diversity across national origins, religions, cultures, and genders.


Members of the College community will conduct themselves in a responsible, fair, empathetic, and ethical manner.


The College will foster leadership that promotes excellence in instruction, career preparation, support services, basic and applied research, and creative expression.


The College culture will promote and celebrate continuous improvement through the assessment of student learning and organizational practices.


The College will support and contribute to the economic development and the public good of West Virginia and beyond.

Strategic Goals 2015-2020

The College has adopted the following strategic goals for 2015-2020 in accordance with its mission, vision, and guiding principles.

  1. Enrich the educational, residential, and working environment of the College
  2. Provide curricular and co-curricular programs and services to prepare students for a diverse, technological, and global workplace and society
  3. Expand access to and the array of professional development opportunities for all members of the campus community
  4. Effectively and prudently deploy the institution’s human, physical, technological, and fiscal resources in accordance with established goals and objectives
  5. Increase enrollment in a predictable and sustainable fashion as well as diversify the profile of the student body
  6. Raise the visibility and reputation of the College in West Virginia and nationally
  7. Advance a master facilities plan that architecturally and geographically defines the College and supports its relationship with the city of Glenville
  8. Build financial strength for budgetary flexibility and innovation
  9. Expand institutional capacity and impact through strategic partnerships with public and private entities