Quick Facts

Glenville State University is an undergraduate institution offering two-year and four-year degree programs. The University was founded in 1872 in the city of Glenville, which is located in central West Virginia just west of Interstate 79. Over the years Glenville State has experienced sustained growth in enrollment and degree programs.


Fall 2020 Facts and Figures


  • 1,599 students, 1,100 full-time and 499 part-time students
  • 54% of full-time students reside on campus
  • 46% of full-time students are female and 54% are male


  • 59 full-time faculty and 42 part-time faculty teach on the main campus
  • 15:1 student to faculty ratio

Classes Size

  • 18 students in the average introductory level class
  • 9 students in the average advanced level class

Academic Programs

Support Services

Student Life

School Colors

  • Blue and White


  • Pioneer(s)


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