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The Department of Fine Arts offers the following: Bachelor of Art in Music, Music Education (K-12) major, Music minor, Bachelor of Art in Art, and two Art minors. These programs follow recommended national and professional guidelines, and they prepare graduates for a variety of career opportunities nationwide. The department faculty are highly competent in the field of music and art, and are active performers and artists.

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The fine arts faculty endorses this axiom: Achieved economic success without the fine arts indicates an impoverished life. Without music to bolster mankind's spirit and art and drama to stimulate human intellect and emotions, we exist; we do not live. The efforts of this division expand the spectrum of humanity through the fine arts. We offer joy and entertainment while providing a venue for the development of imagination and creativity. All artistic endeavors interface with solutions to life's problems by providing innovative leadership with unique views to improve community life and preserve its rich traditions.

The Department of Fine Arts is housed in one of the Fine Arts Center. It contains a modern auditorium with recording capabilities, a first class recital hall with live-feed media support, an art gallery, and numerous state-of-the-art practice rooms. The art studios are large with excellent work spaces and the ceramics studio has been equipped with a new kiln for firing both ceramic and sculpture projects. The digital design lab is equipped with a high-definition ViewSonic projection system, professional workstations with the Adobe Creative Suite, an Epson Stylus P6000 printer capable of printing at museum reproduction quality, and more.

Art exhibitions and major music ensembles are open to any member of the college community to provide a creative outlet for all regardless of their major. Our ensembles have performed on the local, state, regional, national and international levels.

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If you plan to audition with us at Glenville State University, please fill out the " Music Audition Form "and return it to the Fine Arts department through email or print and bring it with you.


For additional information about the Department of Fine Arts, its programs, faculty, and organizations contact:

Dr. Jason Barr
Professor of Music, Fine Arts Department
201 Fine Arts Center 
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