The Department of Business provides quality educational opportunities for students who are preparing for challenging careers in a dynamic business environment. The Department faculty are committed to educating students to be thoughtful, productive, engaged, and responsible citizens. The Department of Business maintains excellence in academic programs by interacting with employers and recent graduates who regularly provide advice on the marketability of our degrees in an information-processing and global economy.

The department offers four year programs and a two year program. All programs emphasize life- long learning and personal and professional development. Modern technology and current software are integrated throughout each program.

In addition to the course work, business majors are encouraged to participate in student organizations and co-curricular activities that provide opportunities for service learning, the development of human relations skills, and the application of leadership skills. Student organizations sponsored by business faculty include Nonprofit Leadership Student Association and Students in Free Enterprise.

The business faculty bring a variety of professional experience to the classroom and regularly participate in professional development activities to keep them abreast of current developments in their field of expertise. Small classes permit ready access to faculty and academic advisors, and all business faculty encourage students and advisees to visit their offices frequently throughout the semester.


For additional information about the Department of Business, its programs, faculty, and organizations contact:

Dr. Dwight Heaster, Department Chair
Associate Professor, Business Department - Integrated Marketing
Faculty Athletic Representative – MEC Committee Chair
Diversity and Inclusion Committee – MEC
Primary Designated School Official – Immigration
229 Louis Bennett Hall 
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