Social Science


The principal areas of study in Department of Social Science are history (with a strong dose of political science), psychology and sociology, and social studies education. Though each is unique in its focus and in its emphasis, the social sciences have a common concern with human behavior. The social sciences share the belief that human behavior, culture, and society—the total human experience—can and should be studied using the methods of science. Faculty members in the department are caring and experienced professionals with the academic credentials and years of experience in their fields to make them well-rounded educators.

Degree Programs Offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science (psychology and sociology)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education in either Social Studies (5-adult) or Social Studies (5-9)

Minors are also offered in Behavior Disorders, Geography, Global Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Social Justice.

Glenville State University's Department of Social Science is committed to offering high quality classroom instruction, providing professional and caring advising, and demonstrating strong commitment to the values of a higher education community.

The department also sponsors the student organization Pi Gamma Mu.


For additional information about the Department of Social Science, its programs, faculty, and organizations contact:

Dr. Kaitlin Ensor, Department Chair, at (or) (304) 462-6281 or Mr. Christopher Carver, Administrative Secretary, at (or) (304) 462-6109.