Language and Literature


Glenville State's Language and Literature program promotes an understanding of diverse cultural heritages through the study of the richness and varieties of English literature and writing. The program's basic courses offer rigorous training in critical thinking, aesthetic evaluation, and the art of verbal and written expression. Specialized courses from our dedicated, student-centered faculty help students to expand their basic knowledge by considering the important role of imaginative language, rhetoric, and creative writing in shaping our histories, cultures, and contemporary life.

English majors at GSC have the opportunity to put their classroom-learned knowledge into practice. Several student organizations on campus help develop the student's experience well beyond the classroom, including the student literary magazine, Trillium, GSC Theatre activities, and the College's student newspaper, The Phoenix.

In addition to being the ideal preparation, for graduate and professional programs, a degree in English prepares students for careers in teaching, advertising, public relations, journalism, writing , management, marketing, government service, entertainment or any number of fields requiring superior communication skills and a well rounded education.

If this sounds too academic or stuffy, we invite you visit us. Our majors and other students like to "hang out" in our office suite. At any given time, depending on the students and the professors wandering about, the discussion may range from the structural unity of a Jane Austen novel to the literary vision of John Steinbeck, or gender issues in Harry Potter or the Alien film series. It may even sink to commentary on literary allusions in hard rock, thrash metal, hip-hop, or other forms of popular music. So if you're looking for a program that's challenging and interesting, check us out when you visit our campus.


For additional information about the Department of Language & Literature, its programs, faculty, and organizations contact:

Office of Academic Affairs by e-mail at (or) call (304) 462-6110 and leave your name, phone number and a detailed message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


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