Alma Arbuckle Scholarship

Established 1978
This scholarship was established by the final settlement from the Alma J. Arbuckle estate in 1978. Alma J. Arbuckle was a GSU employee. This scholarship shall be awarded to a GSU student majoring in Library Science. English major is acceptable.

Edward Nicholas Orr, IV Scholarship

Established 1985
This scholarship was established to be earmarked "in memory of Edward Nicholas Orr for scholarships used in his field of journalism." Mr. Orr was a 1939 graduate of Glenville State University.

Espy W. Miller and Rosalea Poling Miller Scholarship

Established 2011
This scholarship was established to honor the memories of the late Dr. and Mrs. Espy Miller. Dr. Miller retired from GSU in 1976 after 30 years of service. He was Chair of the Department of English and Foreign Language. She was also an educator in Gilmer County. This scholarship shall be awarded to a Gilmer County High School graduate in the upper one-third of his/her graduating class. The student must be an English or English Education major at GSU and maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. This scholarship will fund the difference between the student's available aid package and actual full costs including tuition, room and board, books and fees. Because these students will more than likely reside in Gilmer County, if the students choose to commute, then a stipend for transportation will be paid each semester.

Helen Shaw Memorial Scholarship

Established 2005
Established by Carl Shaw in honor of his late wife Helen Shaw to provide an annual award to an outstanding freshman. This annual scholarship is awarded to a student, from Central West Virginia, who is completing his/her freshman year at Glenville State University. The recipient is selected by a committee composed of professors from the English Department, from a pool of applicants based upon faculty recommendations and a short essay.

Isadore Nachman Scholarship

Established 2001
This scholarship was founded in memory of Isadore Nachman by his late wife, Nataleah Nachman. This scholarship shall be awarded to a student in the field of journalism. English major is acceptable.

Madelyn Conrad Kidd Scholarship

Established 1994
This scholarship was established by United States District Judge William M. Kidd in honor of his wife, Madelyn Conrad Kidd. The purpose of this scholarship is to support students of GSU who show academic promise in English and Math and are residents of West Virginia.

Other Scholarship Sources

A valuable scholarship search website is: By entering data about yourself and providing your email address, you can receive information about scholarships for which you may be eligible. This site also has other useful information for college students.