Institutional Review Board (IRB)


To promote the safety and well-being of participants
To ensure adherence to the ethical values and principles underlying research
To ensure that only ethical and scientifically valid research is implemented
To allay concerns by the general public about the responsible conduct of research

At Glenville State College all research involving human or animal subjects must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  An IRB is a federally mandated entity that oversees the protection of human and animal subjects in scientific research.  The purpose of the IRB is to mitigate the potential harm to subjects, including physical and psychological well-being, autonomy and right to refuse consent, and privacy/confidentiality.  The IRB at Glenville State College reviews all research involving human and animal subjects to ensure that risks have been minimized.  The potential harm to subjects must be evaluated against the potential benefit before human and animal subjects participate in the research.  The IRB also requires that human subjects only volunteer to participate in research studies after they have been provided legally effective informed consent.  Investigators may not begin recruiting subjects or collecting data until written approval from the IRB has been provided to the principle investigator.  All research studies are required to undergo annual review unless granted an exemption by the IRB.  All research studies by students at Glenville State College must be supervised by an appropriate faculty member.

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Dr. Jeff Bryson

Dr. Jeff Bryson (Chair)
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
337 Louis Bennett Hall
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Dr. Jeff Hunter

Dr. Jeff Hunter
Dean of Teacher Education
213 Louis Bennett Hall
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Karen Kinney

Rev. Karen Kinney
Community Member
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Dr. James Maku Dr. James Maku
Lecturer of Biology
302B Science Hall
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Timothy Underwood

Timothy Underwood
Licensed Professional Counselor
137 Mollohan Campus Community Center
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Larry Baker

Larry Baker
Associate Professor of Physical Science
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
211 Louis Bennett Hall
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