Ernest H. Smith Scholarship

Established 1994
At the time of his death, the Ernest H. Smith Scholarship was established. This scholarship is used to support students in the field of business.

The Mike Ross Accounting Scholarship

Established 2005
This scholarship was endowed in 2005 to assist student who are BSBA Accounting majors. Students must earn a grade of "C" or better to receive a $75.00 book reimbursement (or the cost of the book, whichever is less) for the following accounting classes: ACCT 331, ACCT 332, ACCT 334, ACCT 337, ACCT 340, ACCT 344, ACCT 432, ACCT 435, ACCT 436, ACCT 438, and one three-hour accounting elective from the restricted list identified in the GSU catalog. Applicants must submit original proof of purchase from the bookstore or a similar vendor, no exceptions, to the GSU Foundation Office at the beginning of the semester. The student is responsible for submitting their final grades to the GSU Foundation at the end of the semester.

Tressie Garrett Memorial Scholarship

Established 2005
This scholarship was endowed in 2005 in memory of Tressie Garrett, a devoted mother whose daughter, Marty Garrett Armentrout, graduated from Glenville State College and became a faculty member and administrator at the College. The scholarship will be awarded, upon the recommendation of the women's head basketball coach, to a student who is a member of the women's basketball team, is a business major in good academic standing and maintains at least a 3.0 overall GPA.

Verizon Scholarship

Established 1981
Recipients of this scholarship must be majoring in education, business, or computer science. Recipients must also be in the upper one-fourth of their class based on grade point average and demonstrate leadership through extracurricular involvement in college related organizations. Recipients must be a West Virginia resident for at least 24 months prior to enrollment in college. Special consideration is given to a candidate that is a child or ward of an active Verizon employee.

Other Scholarship Sources

A valuable scholarship search website is: By entering data about yourself and providing your email address, you can receive information about scholarships for which you may be eligible. This site also has other useful information for college students.