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Art Degree Program

Glenville State University is pleased to announce exciting new changes to their Art program. The Department of Fine Arts has built a brand new applied learning Art & Design Lab to bring together the traditional art program and the digital design program into one fully integrated Bachelor of Arts degree program with six exciting new career paths to choose from; Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, Strategic Design, Digital Media, Drawing & Painting, and Ceramics.

Graphic designers or simply Designers, create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and educate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. Many Designers are employed in specialized design services, publishing, or advertising, public relations, and related services industries. Many designers own and operate businesses of their own.

Digital Illustration is an exciting new field of illustration.  Illustrators typically work in field of childrens book illustration, concept artists, editorial illustration, book covers, comics, storyboard artists, medical & scientific illustration, technical illustration, architectural illustration, and many more fields.  With the rise in computer hardware and software, the abilities of an illustrator have risen tremendously.  Our program offers a unique opportunity for students to learn traditional methods of drawing and painting before transitioning into digitizing tablets and computer software techniques.

Digital Media students concentrate on aspects of text, audio, video, and graphics to develop online and digital content.  With a strong foundation in art & design integrated with computer science, our students are ready to tackle a wide range of digital and internet design challenges.  Exciting fields include web design, 3D Modeling, digital video production, motion graphics, recording and engineering, and more.

Strategic Design (w/minor in management) is the business of design and the design of business which combines Art and Business courses that integrate design methods, business strategy, and a liberal arts foundation. In hands-on interdisciplinary projects and applied research, you learn to put ideas into action and develop design-centric strategies to creative enterprises in various settings. Sample Jobs include; studio manager, design development manager, art director, creative lead, project manager, design lead, and team lead.

Drawing & Painting students are the future of fine art.  Students learn modern and classical techniques for creating works of art and gain extensive knowledge about historical art movements and notable artists.  With a strong knowledge of materials and processes, fine artists learn to develop their own unique style and voice.  Graduates go on to create art for a wide range of clients and applications such as portraits, abstract art, and realism, and industry fields such as illustration, concept art, comics, book-covers, interior design, and more.

Ceramics - Ceramicists take raw materials like clay and create original works. Ceramicists are considered talented artisans and are well-respected and financed by artistic communities.  Working alone or with industry, ceramicists create imaginative and innovative new designs for both functional and artistic use. Our students learn the various methods and processes of working with clay including sculpting, spinning, glazing, and firing materials. In addition to working in the field of ceramics, graduates also teach workshops, classes, and provide individual instruction to students of the arts.