Alvon F. and Phyllis D. Rohrbough Scholarship

Established 1994
Established by Alvon F. "Nate" and Phyllis D. Rohrbough to provide scholarships to students in the fields of Music and Biology. Nate was Athletic Director and coach of all sports at GSU from 1926 to 1946.

Bertha Olsen Scholarship

Established 1980
This scholarship fund was established in honor of Bertha E. Olsen, Professor Emeritus, who was a music teacher for 42 years at GSU. This scholarship goes to a music major.

Betty Heater Music Scholarship

Established 2004
This scholarship was endowed in 2004 by Mr. John Heater in honor of his wife, Betty. Mrs. Heater was a graduate of Glenville State University who went on to become a much loved piano instructor in Gassaway, Braxton County. The scholarship will be awarded to students who are music or music education majors from West Virginia. Students from outside West Virginia are eligible as secondary applicants.

Kenneth and Irene Walker Scholarship

Established 2006
This scholarship is established, by anonymous donors, in honor of an Appalachian sharecropper's son and his immigrant wife who created a great life for their children by showing what one can do through love and hard work. Its purpose will be to support scholarships for students from the Rosedale West Virginia area who are pursuing a degree in either music (first preference) or natural resource management at Glenville State University.

Other Scholarship Sources

A valuable scholarship search website is: By entering data about yourself and providing your email address, you can receive information about scholarships for which you may be eligible. This site also has other useful information for college students.