Grants & Contracts

Grant applications, funding, and administration have become standardized at Glenville State College through the actions of its Research Corporation which "serves as the fiscal and administrative agent for sponsored programs and other projects performed by Glenville State College. A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation chartered under the laws of the State of West Virginia, the corporation has the authority to enter into agreements with external funding agencies on behalf of Glenville State College, and provides a complete range of administrative and fiscal services in support of funded projects."

Grant administration is done within the Office of Grants and Contracts Administration, now administered by the Senior Vice President for External Relations. The Grants and Contracts Manual, accessible thru the link below, outlines the College policy in dealing with grants. The Pre-Award link on the left of this page will lead to guidance on procedures for identifying, procuring and using grant funds in compliance with GSC's requirements and the granting organizations' policies.

Why request support for research and other scholarly projects?

  • Contribute to your profession and receive recognition
  • Increase our knowledge
  • Engage in exciting challenges with students and others in your field
  • Improve funding for graduate assistants
  • Improve equipment and facilities
  • Improve rank, salary, and promotion considerations

What does the Office of Grant and Contract Administration do?

  • Assists faculty in submitting proposal and getting grants
  • Accepts award and assists with proper administration for the Sponsor and GSC
  • Mediates the grant process
  • Educates department and school administrators in the grant process
  • Assists with internal and external compliance requirements
  • Supports the research mission of College faculty