Glenville State College Provost’s Honor List for Spring 2009
Fri May 29, 2009
Glenville State College has announced the names of GSC students who attained the Provost’s Honor List for the Spring 2009 semester. To be named to the Provost’s Honor List, a student must have a minimum 3.5 grade point average.

The students making the Provost’s Honor List are as follows according to their county of residence:

Barbour County: Holly B. Cecil

Berkeley County: Jade A. Jean

Boone County: John F. King

Braxton County: Barbara Blankenship, Gabriel Hopen, Daniel E. McPherson, Michele L. Norman, Brittany R. Taylor, Jaime M. Teter

Cabell County: Christopher R. Summers

Calhoun County: Jessica L. Chapman, Christinia L. Eagle, Charles C. Forsyth, Angela R. King, Daniel J. Nary

Clay County: Ryan M. Beasley, Seth D. Canfield, Richard H. Doss, II, Jennifer D. Squires, Lisa N. White

Doddridge County: James D. Messenger

Fayette County: Katrina L. Fitzwater, Candace L. White

Gilmer County: Cody T. Baber, Rebecca E. Brady, Justin A. Brown, Timothy S. Butler, Abby D. Chapman, Johnny L. Cole, James F. Collins, Mary V. Dickey, Kevin D. Drake, Dustin W. Freshour, Gabriel S. Gibbs, Lora D. Gordon, Jessica D. Jaffre, Mandi J. James, Meagan L. James, Andrea N. Loftis, Dendra J. Miller, Joshua A. Ramsey, Jodi M. Reinhardt, Mallory S. Riddle, Camai L. Roberson, Alicia L. Rose, Catisha L. Scavairello, Kenneth W. Smarr, Whitney L. Stalnaker, Andrea L. Starcher, Sara D. Wise

Hampshire County: Devon W. Maher

Harrison County: Kayla B. Carder, Jesse L. De La Cruz, Ryan D. Deems, Jonathan W. Griffin, Cornelius A. Holyfield

Jefferson County: Nicole A. Himes

Kanawha County: Nicholas G. Fish, Hunter M. Hamrick, Brittney N. Handley, Beth A. Williams

Lewis County: Courtney L. Clevenger, Julie T. Cummings, Shawna L. Forinash, Brooke D. Foster, James C. Johnson, Bryson J. Karp, Micah L. Markley, Callie M. Smithson

Mason County: Kayla D. Shobe

Mineral County: Cecily D. Goldizen, Joanna C. Lamp

Mingo County: Thomas W. Jude

Nicholas County: Terry B. Bosley, Amanda B. Davis, Juliette J. Derito, Michael J.McHenry, Miranda L. Richardson, Teresa D. Smith, Kelly D. Thompson, Jared A. Young

Pendleton County: Savannah R. Jamison, Kathleen M. Kile, Brittany A. Smith

Pleasants County: Gregory W. Arnott

Putnam County: Joshua S. Gilchrist, Rachael S. Stewart

Raleigh County: Mary S. Bailey, Brandi L. Phillips, Joshua P. Radford

Randolph County: Marlon E. Henry, Nigel E. Jeffries, Heather D. McIntosh, Alicia M. Riggleman

Ritchie County: Daniel R. Boone, Ashley N. Collins, Betsy M. Nelson, Robert D. Wells

Roane County: Robert L. Myers, II

Summers County: Cecil M. Cox

Tucker County: Holli M. Owens

Upshur County: Jessica L. Champ, Sarah C. Hines, James R. Howes, Sarah M. Howes, Joshua D. Smith

Webster County: Mark N. Barnette, Amanda J. Boggs, Stacy E. Smalley

Wirt County: Allen R. Arnold, Amanda M. Roberts, Cristopher P. Somerville

Wood County: Shelley M. McCullough, Chelsea R. Mcewuen, Timothy N. Nolan

Wyoming County: Heather A. Dove, Cory Rose, Austin J. Steffey

Out of State: Donita C. Adams, Alysha M. Lavey, Kenneth A. Noland, Jasmine E. Patterson, Jessica D. Patterson, Aaron J. Rawe, Jennifer M. Scott, Jerry L. Seymour, Laural A. Smith, Lora J. Spencer, Heaven X. Tutson