Glenville State University Debate Team Gears Up for an Exciting Season 
Thu Feb 1, 2024
GSU Debate Team holding trophies from the 2023 Season

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Glenville State University Debate Team Gears Up for an Exciting Season 

As the debate season kicks off, Glenville State University's Debate Team is poised for an engaging and intellectually stimulating journey. With a strong commitment to rigorous discourse and critical thinking, the team is set to make waves in the competitive debating circuit. 

Glenville State University's Debate Team, known for its sharp rhetoric and analytical prowess, is gearing up for an exciting season filled with challenges and triumphs. Comprising passionate and talented debaters, the team is ready to showcase their skills in various tournaments throughout the season. 

Key Dates to Remember: 

  • Dayton, OH: February 9-10 

    The season starts with a bang as the team heads to Dayton, Ohio, for a competitive tournament on February 9-10. It's an opportunity for the debaters to test their mettle against other top-notch teams and gain valuable experience early in the season. 

  • GSU Tournament: March 15-16

    Glenville State University proudly hosts its own tournament on March 15-16. This event is not only a chance for the team to compete on their home turf but also an occasion for the university community and debate enthusiasts to witness high-caliber debates. The GSU Tournament promises intellectual rigor and spirited exchanges. 

  • NEDA Online: March 23 

    The team participates in the NEDA Online tournament on March 23. Virtual debates bring a unique set of challenges, and the Glenville State University debaters are prepared to adapt and showcase their skills in this dynamic format. 


Community Engagement: Beyond the competitive arena, the team is actively engaged in promoting debate within the university and the wider community. Workshops, public debates, and outreach initiatives are on the agenda to encourage a culture of thoughtful discourse and critical thinking. 

"The most phenomenal tribute to our team is how hard they believe in each other and their stellar work ethic. It takes quite a lot of courage to intentionally put yourself into a situation where you know you are going to be challenged. Add to that the fact that we compete against top tier teams like University of Dayton and Penn State University, and you get a feel for just how impressive our young team's early success has been. They represent the best of what it means to be a Pioneer. Our students are awesome.", says Dr. Brian Johnston, Director of Pioneer Debate. 

Dr. Brian Johnston (Department of Language and Literature) and Dr. Josh Squires (Political Science) coach GSU's first debate team in 25 years. Pioneer Debate seeks funding to support travel to competitive debate tournaments. Contact GSU VP of Advancement David Hutchinson by email ( or phone (304-462-6381) to support Pioneer Debate.  


PIONEER DEBATE is a co-curricular competitive debate team in the Department of Language and Literature at Glenville State University. Students develop professional skills in critical thinking, civil listening, argumentation, research, and creative problem-solving through weekly meetings, competitive debates, and campus events. Participation in Pioneer Debate is open to all GSU students.  


NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL DEBATE ASSOCIATION is an academic debate circuit serving the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.