Popular Television Series Explores Bluegrass Music with GSC Alumni, Students
Fri Apr 27, 2018




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Bluegrass Video In a screen capture from the video, GSC's Dr. Megan Darby speaks about bluegrass music during an interview filmed for the Parts Unknown series

GLENVILLE, WV - Several current students, graduates, and mentors with Glenville State College's Bluegrass Music Program were recently featured in an article and accompanying video produced by CNN for Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown series.

Earlier this month the video crew trailed several musicians in order to see a glimpse into Appalachian culture through the lens of bluegrass music. Throughout the interviews featured in the article, readers are introduced to the various ways someone traveling through the West Virginia hills might come into contact with bluegrass music; from local radio station programming and informal jam sessions to full-scale concerts with an admission fee.

GSC's Director of Bluegrass Music Dr. Megan Darby serves as the narrator for the feature video that accompanies the piece.

"I'm very pleased with how the story and video turned out. We were honored to be a part of it and hope that people who read the article or watch the video learn a little something about traditional and bluegrass music," Darby said. "We would love to see someone be motivated to take a road trip of their own because of seeing this video and want to join us at one of the various performances. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy and history of bluegrass music spread to new ears."

Bluegrass Video This still shot from the Parts Unknown video shows current GSC student Josh Pitcock on stage at the Alpine Theatre

GSC's Bluegrass Program Founding Director Buddy Griffin and renowned regional musician and square dance caller Mack Samples are featured in the video along with GSC bluegrass alumni Laiken Boyd, Luke Shamblin, and Trisha Anderson. Additionally, current student Josh Pitcock was highlighted during a portion of the video that was filmed at the Alpine Theatre in Ripley, West Virginia.

Click here to read the article and view the video.

In the video Darby mentions GSC's traditional on-campus degree that it has offered for many years. Glenville State College also recently announced that it will begin offering a four-year bluegrass music degree online.

"We're trying to preserve bluegrass music but at the same time we know that you have to be innovative to better serve students. We can utilize technology in ways that wouldn't have been possible even a few years ago and, to me, that's truly exciting. I invite anyone who wants to know more about bluegrass to consider signing up for our in-person or online courses for the fall," Darby said. "Our program teaches students about bluegrass music directly from the masters. That is so unique for a program like ours and, in my opinion, is the only way to learn."

For more information about the Bluegrass Music Program at GSC, contact Darby by e-mail at Megan.Darby@glenville.edu or call (304) 462-6347.

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