Speakers Bureau

The Glenville State University Speakers Bureau lists employees who can be available to speak on a variety of topics. Community members in search of a knowledgeable presenter may use the below listing to request appearances at an event or meeting. Contact information for each presenter is listed alongside their presentation topic(s). This is a free resource to the community.


Dr. Lloyd Bone:

  • Advising high school students regarding general preparation for college
  • Educational opportunities in the arts
  • Career opportunities in the arts
  • Travel and performing as a professional musician
  • Teaching
  • Public Service
  • Assisting and helping college students


Dr. Jason Barr:

  • Music History
  • Jazz History
  • Jazz in West Virginia
  • Classical Music in Cartoons


Dr. Schuyler Chapman:

  • American Literature, 18th century - 19th century (specialty)
    • Citizenship and literature
    • Maritime literature
    • 18th & 19th century women's writing
    • Louisa May Alcott
    • Charles Brockden Brown
    • James Fenimore Cooper
    • Herman Melville
    • Frederick Douglass
  • American Literature, 20th century - 21st century
    • Philip Roth
    • Kurt Vonnegut
  • Appalachian Literature & Culture
    • The Back-to-the-Land Movement
    • Arthurdale Homestead