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Glenville State College Lowers Tuition for 2018-19 Academic Year
Glenville State College has taken another step to make college more affordable for students and families in the Mountain State and beyond. For the second consecutive academic year, GSC has lowered its cost of tuition. On Thursday, April 19 GSC President Dr. Tracy Pellett announced that the institution would lower tuition by 0.5% in addition to a number of other measures designed to help students save money.
More Tuition Decreases Coming at Glenville State College
Glenville State College today boldly announced its pledge to again cut tuition for the 2018-19 academic year by at least 2% with the condition that GSC’s state appropriation does not decrease. Glenville State College President Dr. Tracy Pellett was joined at the state capitol by lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to make the announcement.