2021 Pioneer Showcase results include a multitude of subjects
Sun Apr 25, 2021

By Sadie Murphy

On April 6, the college held its annual Pioneer Showcase in the Mollohan Campus Community Center Ballroom. Call for submissions began on March 10 and ran through March 23. Students dedicated time and effort showcasing their academic “research, experiential learning, and/or creative projects.” This included poster and/or oral presentations, demonstrations, and performances from students at any level in their undergraduate work. Dr. Amanda Chapman, Professor of English, was one of the crucial individuals responsible for organizing the event that featured a wide array of subjects, including science and math, land resources, language arts, visual arts, and honors programs. 

Students began setting up their posters and displays at 8 a.m. The first oral presentation by honors student Dalton Law, started at 9:30. Each oral presentation or demonstration was given 30 minutes.

From 10 a.m. to 12 noon, posters and art sessions were available for view. Presenters included Jesse Kargol, Eli Henthorn, Jacob Amick, Asa Dick, Katlyne Rollyson, Marc Radcliff, Dylan Fitzgerald, Heather Moore, Lexi Pletcher, Brittany Louk, Alexandra Dean, Logan Hays, Qianjiao Chen, and Jacob Petry. Subjects covered a range of topics from visual arts to science, mathematics, and land resources.

Oral presentation from 11:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. featured Seth Stover, Leslee Coffman, Anna Childers, Dr. Jonathon Minton’s Creative Writing students, Fairan Gill, Madisyn Furr, and Jacob Petry. Subjects covered a range of topics from marketing, education, and forestry to creative writing, theater, and poetry.

The event ended at 4 P.M. and winners (who received monetary rewards) were announced in an email from Academic Affairs on April 7. See winners of each category below:

  • In the category of “Science and Math Presentations:”

First place recipient Jacob Petry’s sophisticated presentation on “Natural Numbers: An Elegant Solution to a Problem Featured in Mathmatics Magazine.”  

Second place recipient Qianjiao Chen’s insightful “Visualization of the Spread of Coronavirus and Data Analysis.”

  • In the category of “Language Arts Presentations:”

First place recipient Anna Childers’s poetic “Arete and Virtue.”

Second place recipient Fairan Gill with her theatrical awkward first date rendition of “Ladies Man.”

  • In the category of “Honors Program Presentations:”

First place recipient Leslee Coffman with “Stranded” AND Eli Henthorn, Asa Dick, and Jacob Amick’s “Lost Graves of Gilmer.” Coffman tied for first place with Henthorn, Dick, and Amick’s presentation. Both proved so exceptional that judges were unable to choose a winner.

Second place recipient Dalton Law’s investigative “How AI and Data Analytics are Affecting the Accounting Profession.”

  • In the category of “Land Resources Management Presentations:”

First place recipient Heather Moore’s fantastisk “Sweden’s Forestry Model: The Most Sustainable Country in the World May Suffer Environmental Consequences in the Long Run.”

Second place recipient Katlyne Rollyson’s incrível “Forest Management in Brazil.”

  • In the category of “Visual Arts Presentations:”

First place recipient Jesse Kargol’s industrial sculpture “SkillsUSA.”

All participants exhibited signs of true Pioneers and represented our college beyond expectation. We are excited to see what next years showcase will illuminate.

*cover image from email by Academic.Affairs@glenville.edu to students with subject line "Pioneer Showcase Call for Applications."

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