Apocalypse or Improvalypse?
Mon Nov 27, 2023
Yes and

By Megan Evans

Looking for a way to spice up your afternoon and loosen up your brain? Look no further, the improv group will be the perfect fit for you. Improvalypse Now is a student-oriented group on campus coordinated by the English Department’s Dr. Marjorie Stewart. Although the beginning steps have been slow, Dr. Stewart and her group have high hopes for the semesters to come. Wondering what the program is all about? Stewart describes this program as a “controlled chaos” environment, meaning the students involved in the group are really seeking one thing: fun.

Although our campus does not currently have any ties with theatre, improv can be used in many other ways, including in the classroom. Improv allows students to use different parts of their brain, helps them to be comfortable in front of an audience, and even makes writing easier. Improv is not something that one can plan ahead or rehearse for. Instead, those using improv must learn to think on the spot and be able to go with their initial thoughts or instincts.

Looking ahead to next semester, Dr. Stewart and the students already involved in Improvalypse Now, hope that you will join them. She wants students to know that this is not a week-to-week commitment and that students are welcome to come and go as they please. The group welcomes all and encourages any ideas that anyone may have. All ideas are equal and free, and the group strives to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for all.

For more information or to help schedule next semester's meetings to fit  your schedule, email Dr. Stewart at marjorie.stewart@glenville.edu

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