Coffee and books: always a good combination
Wed Oct 28, 2020
Coffee with study materials

By Katelyn Miller

What is the main thing students need to survive a college semester? Late night study sessions and exams that seem to drain the masses, so what is the one thing the students and faculty members use to cope with it all? That’s right, caffeine. Coffee.

President Mark Manchin and Rita Hedrick-Helmick, Vice President of Administration, sat down with the cabinet to discuss not only bringing in a coffee shop to Glenville, but a bookstore as well. At this point,  everything is just a possibility and nothing is set in stone, but Manchin made it clear: “I want to liven up the campus. Give the students something fun to do and give them a warm welcoming atmosphere.”

The talk of the town at the moment is that Manchin wants to give the college two coffee shops and a bookstore downtown. That’s right guys, an actual bookstore and not an online system we’ve struggled with this semester. Hendrick-Helmick has discussed getting in contact with Barns & Noble and Follet to try to set up a bookstore in downtown Glenville. Glenville is a quaint town that deserves recognition and revitalization; putting a bookstore and possibly a coffee shop would give it the foot traffic it needs.

The two possible locations of the coffee shops are up in the air as of now. The discussion of putting a Starbucks at Robert F. Kidd Library was a very exciting suggestion. The Starbucks would serve some desserts, breakfast sandwiches, possibly bottled drinks, and a selection of their drinks made in house. This would also encourage more students to come to their campus library to study with friends and do research for their classes.

All these possibilities that could be coming to our campus has excited a lot of students and staff. We hope these ideas will allow our little campus and town to grow and thrive as it deserves.

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