GSC band marches on in the face of COVID-19
Tue Aug 25, 2020
GSC Marching Band

By Katelyn Miller

Like most activities on campus, the Glenville State College marching band has had to adapt and face the ultimate challenge, COVID-19. Since football has been postponed until the Spring semester, there will be no halftime shows. Because of the risk of illness, there was no band camp this fall. Instead, the band held a mock camp, where they practiced drills, but by sections instead of having all the band on the field at once.

On Wednesday, August 19, the band held its first full practice as a complete ensemble. Band member Brittany Koutsunis said, “We rehearsed songs for the first time as a full group this year. As long as conditions stay the same way that they are now, we're hoping we can kind of get to keep doing these practices. Playing with sectionals is fun because we get to bond with our fellow section members, but nothing beats a full ensemble.”

Even with everything going on, band director Dr. Lloyd Bone has gone above and beyond to make sure his students still get the proper marching band experience. Bone reported, “We have been planning all summer with different possible scenarios. There has been a lot of talk in the music world, maybe band is being allowed on the field for just a little bit. Not allowed at all. Just allowed in the stands. Maybe being allowed for just a few games. You name it. So we had plans in place for all of them with the direction at the conference.”

As for the mock band camp, Bone said It went well, especially considering how the band is the first large group to arrive on campus. "They had to do their own thing and to quickly get used to all these new rules and regulations due to COVID- 19. They did that very quickly and adjusted to rehearsals accordingly."

Bone said students were very responsible about social distancing. "If some students are too close maybe then I asked them to move over, and they do it."

Despite the hardships that COVID-19 has caused, they have not damped the spirit of our Glenville State Marching Band.

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