A letter to Glenville State College from a 2021 Graduate
Mon Apr 26, 2021
Fairan Gill Senior Photo

By: Fairan Gill

Dear Glenville State,

Thank you for the happiest, hardest, saddest, and wildest time of my life. Most people will say thank you for teaching me academically, creating friends, and sappy things that I could say, but I choose not to.  

You have taught me many things like do not fall in love with just anybody, learn about that person and if you are unhappy, have the strength to reach out and get out of the relationship. You have taught me the value of friendship and to forgive past mistakes because they might not be there the next day. Everyone I have met here will carry with me for the rest of my life, negative or positive.

You have taught me to be a vocal person to talk and have fun, don’t worry about others, and if they choose to judge, they probably did something twice as embarrassing. You taught me to take my happiness into account, and if I am not happy in a situation, get out of it. You have taught me the value of not judging a person because they could be your best friend.

You have opened my eyes to a side of my life I never knew I might like and have a passion for now. You have taught me that talk to my professors; they end up liking you more, and they will help you out in the end. Glenville has taught me many things these past four years other than education. It has opened my eyes to people's willingness to help because they want to see you succeed in life.

During my time here, I learned that life is so much more than what the media shows; you do not need to be picture perfect. You need to have the ability to jump obstacles and have fun during it and not to take life seriously - we all die in the end so we might as well have fun while we can.

Education is never wasted. It helps you grow in more ways than you can think possible; you meet amazing people along the way, one thing I’m going to miss when I graduate from here. As a young adult about to graduate from college, I can honestly tell you I feel the same way as I was 18 about to graduate high school; I am ready for it. But oh, my goodness, am I scared to not know what's ahead in life. Being uncertain brings out my biggest flaw - overthinking. Glenville State College, you have taught me more lessons in living than anything else, and I thank you for getting me ready for the next chapter. Thank you to all my professors who have helped me along the way, my friends, and my amazing family. It felt like this day would never come, but I can finally say, “I did it.”


Fairan Gill, Class of 2021

Note from the Phoenix family - Good luck, Fairen. We miss you already.


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