Murder mystery returns to Mollohan
Tue Apr 12, 2022
Murder Dinner Theater Poster

By Will Adkins

The Glenville State Pioneer Players has put together an interactive dinner theater play titled “Murder Like it’s 1999.” There will be two performances, one on Thursday, April 14 for students and campus community, and another showing on Saturday, April 16, which will be open to the public and will be serving alcoholic beverages during the dinner.

Nobody expects a 23rd reunion, but that is exactly what the Filmore County High School Class of 1999 is having. As the classmates get reacquainted, old scores are brought up, old love triangles become love quadrangles, and in the midst of it all – Murder!

            The head cheerleader and the quarterback (who are now married to each other), along with the class president, valedictorian, the school hipster, and a few others are all suspects. Two detectives, one of whom is a class member, attempt to solve the crime with the sometime-able assistance of the class members.

The audience gets to join in on the detective work, and those who correctly name the murderer will be entered in a drawing for prizes.

The play was written by Marjorie Stewart, who wrote two similar events sponsored by the Foundation over the past three years. For this year’s script, she was heavily influenced by her own years in high school and her former classmates (everything is exaggerated, of course). The director of this play is Will Van and the DJ for the night will be DJ Johnny Mittens (Jonathan Minton).

Cast members include Veronica Rowse Alaska Hays, Breanna Murphy, Fade Berry, Jordan Pierson, Sam Chambers, John Chambers, Will Vann, Brandon Fluellen, Autumn Tusing, and Emily Hoyt.

For information, call (304) 462-6214.

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