New and returning Pioneers welcomed at summer luncheon
Wed Sep 14, 2022

By Will Adkins

The Fall 2022 semester is well underway. Four-week grades have been reported, and classes are getting more challenging. Perhaps one reason for the positive start to the semester is the welcoming luncheon held before the start of classes. This annual tradition was moved from the Clark Hall lawn to the President’s House, creating an open atmosphere.

The luncheon welcomed new students and welcomed back returning students, faculty and staff. The weather was perfect; warm temperatures and a sunny sky set the perfect mood for the day’s gathering. In case of rain, and as a relief from the sun, a large tent was pitched to the right of the President’s House. There were the famous cafeteria homemade chips, burgers, hotdogs, cookies, and brownies galore for the invitees and they could all wash it down with either ice cold water, sweet tea, or lemonade.

The mood was light and upbeat. Everyone was smiling and laughing, enjoying each other’s company. One incoming freshman remarked, “I didn’t think that everyone would be so welcoming, and having lunch on the President’s lawn? I couldn’t have imagined the school being this open.” The camaraderie between faculty, staff, and students shown that day definitely set the tone for what should be a wonderful academic year.

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