Seasoned reporter named editor
Wed Feb 10, 2021
Sadie Murphy

Today The Phoenix appointed Sadie Murphy to the position of Editor. Sadie has written for us for several semesters. Over the summer, she chronicled local reactions to the attack on the Capitol in Washington, DC. She is a junior majoring in English and Biology.

She writes:

My name is Sadie Brooke Storm Murphy, Yes, my middle initials re B.S. I'm adopted but born and raised in Clay County, WV.

My interests include competition, research, science, reading, and writing - and yes, I believe in the Oxford Comma. Some issues I am passionate about are foster care, conservation, and freedom of expression - for all individuals despite gender, race, nationality, beliefs, or sexuality.

Sadie is currently enrolled in Journalism 322 - Advanced Reporting and Editing. In her new position, she will continue writing articles while she helps younger reporters with their work and determines content for future issues.

Congratulations, Sadie!




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