SGA approves new literary club
Thu Feb 13, 2020
Literary Club

By Emily Salisbury

At the February 6 SGA meeting, members of the newest creative writing group, Hermitage Literary Society, spearheaded the effort of getting the Society made official. Sadie Murphy, Rune Teel, Abby Mayle, and Anna Childers started the process of getting a official creative writing group last semester when they realized a creative writing class is only offered biannually and no writing group existed at Glenville State College.

Called Hermitage because the founders fit the stereotype of reclusive writers and formed the group to break out of that mold. Their mascot is a crocodile which symbolizes the conception of ideas, longevity, primal strength, endurance, and conservation. 

The Hermitage Literary Society meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. During a meeting, the members will take turns reading what creative work they’ve done during the week, and, offer encouragement. If their writers have anything published they are welcome to come in and read it, “and bask in the moment of well-deserved pride,” said Childers.

Because writing has few social or monetary returns; the Society’s goal is to create a space to discuss their work in a thoughtful, like-minded environment. The purpose of the meetings is to increase productivity and create a new commitment to their creative writing work beyond the academic writing done for classes. Hermitage Literary Society hopes to get involved in and encourage all things literary on campus.

The Phoenix appreciates the Hermitage Literary Society for its time and encourages anyone who is interested in writing to attend a meeting.

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