Ordering My Books

First Day® Complete - Ordering My Books

Thirty days before classes begin, students are allowed to start verifying their orders. On this page, you will find answers to questions you may have regarding the ordering and payment of your textbook and other course materials.

How do I pay for my textbook rentals under this program?

Full-time students (those taking between 12 and 18 credit hours) will pay a flat fee of $360 per semester for textbook rentals as part of the First Day® Complete program.

Students taking fewer than 12 or more than 18 credit hours will pay a $24 fee per credit hour taken.

Students are responsible for shipping costs if they opt to have their materials delivered.

How can I get my books?

Before classes start, you will need to verify your order. Please lick the Get My Books button.

By default, you can pick up your books at the Pioneer Campus Store on the first floor of Louis Bennett Hall once Barnes & Noble emails you that your books are ready for pickup.

Additionally, you have the option of having your books shipped to you. However, you will be responsible for the shipping cost if you choose this option.

What happens if I never verify my order?

Students will receive emails and phone calls to remind them to verify their order. Students who do not verify their order and do not opt-out will still be charged for the First Day® Complete program.

If I never pick up my books, will I still get charged?

Yes. If a student has verified their order and did not opt-out of the program, they will still be charged.

What if I make changes to my schedule?

You may return the book to the bookstore on the same terms and timelines currently in place. If you drop a class and enroll in a different class, the bookstore will “swap” the required textbooks/codes so that you have what you need.

If you add a new class after the start of classes, please give the Pioneer Campus Store 24 hours to get your updated class information. After the 24-hour period, you can go to the store to pick up your new books.

Most of the time, the bookstore will have the book available to pickup, but there is a chance they may have to order the book for you to pick up at a later date.

Can I buy my rented textbook?

Yes, the program provides you with the option to purchase textbooks at a reduced rate during the return period.

Do I need to return books if they are for a continuation course?

Yes, you will still be required to return continuation course textbooks. You will be issued the same title for the next semester of the continuation course.