Indirect Costs

According to OMB Circular A-21, Cost Principles for Education Institutions, these indirect costs include building space, utilities, and related college services (i.e., Office of Grants and Contract Administrations, payroll, purchasing, college police, and custodial support). Indirect costs include items essential to support sponsored programs which cannot be broken down and directly charged to a specific grant or contract. Indirect cost rates are determined annually from actual cost records through a detailed cost accounting procedure and are audited and approved by the federal government.

All proposals submitted on behalf of Glenville State College must include indirect costs either as a request from the grantor or as cost-sharing on behalf of the college. While GSC or GSCRC may decide to cost-share on these expenses when the sponsor administratively limits indirect cost recovery, it is not subject to adjustment either by the college or by the sponsor. Cost-sharing will only be accepted for projects which directly support the college's mission and priorities. In order to enter into cost-sharing on behalf of the college you must contract the Office of Grants and Contracts Administration.