Faculty Senate

The GSU Faculty Senate shares information and discusses issues affecting faculty and/or the operations of the University. The Senate is an elected body empowered by West Virginia Code, Chapter 18B: Higher Education, Article 6: Advisory Council.

Faculty Senate 2023 - 2024
Front left to right: Pai Song (Treasurer), David Lewis, Shelly Ratliff (Vice President), Leslie Ward, Duane Chapman
Back left to right: Josh Squires (Parliamentarian), Maureen Gildein (President), Schuyler Chapman (Secretary), Kandas Queen, Elizabeth Matory, Jennifer Wenner
Not Pictured: Nabil Nasseri
Faculty Senate Group Picture 2
Left to right: Pai Song, Maureen Gildein, Schuylar Chapman, Josh Squires, Kandas Queen, Jennifer Wenner, Mark Sarver, Nabil Nassari