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Tutoring Information for Spring 2020

Online Learning Support During COVID-19 

While you are online, we are online, too! The GSC Tutoring Center is doing all we can to continue serving you. We realize many of you have not previously had an online course and may be feeling apprehensive about the upcoming weeks. However, we are standing by you doing everything in our power to ensure the crisis today will not impact your dreams for tomorrow.

Use the link below to request a peer tutor from the GSC Tutoring Center
(this includes Math and Writing Center requests)

Tutoring Request Form


How You Can Receive Academic Support Online

  • From Your Instructor - Please consult your class information/syllabus on Blackboard for individual faculty contact information, times, and preferences. 
  • NetTutor - We currently provide online tutoring through NetTutor, available for all students to access 24/7 for most courses. Log-in to Blackboard and choose your class. Once you are in your class, just click on the link located at the bottom of the left-hand menu and you will be directly connected to NetTutor for tutoring assistance. Follow the online directions from there. Please make sure to close out of the NetTutor session once you are done.
  • GSC Peer Tutoring – We have tutors available from the Math Center, Writing Center, and the ASC Course-Based tutoring services. Here is how to get tutoring from these areas: 

1. Students should complete a tutoring request form with the link located at either the top or bottom of this page. Make sure to click "submit" after completing. Check your email regularly for contact from a tutor.

2. You will be contacted by a tutor to arrange a time for online tutoring. Contact will be made based on information from the request form (phone and/or email).  

3. Online tutoring will take place using Microsoft Teams located within each GSC Microsoft 365 account. Click the "email" link on the "Current Students" web page to log in. Once you are logged in, choose "Teams" from the list of apps.  

4. The chat, call, and meeting features will be used for tutoring. This can be done within your internet browser with no downloading needed. Screen sharing in calls and meetings will be a good way to work with Cengage and Math Lab questions. 

5. If you are not familiar with Microsoft Teams, click on the blue link below, "How to Use Microsoft Teams Overview". Also, once you are logged in to your Teams account, there is a help button in the bottom left-hand corner. Click there for short training videos.         

  How To Use Microsoft Teams Overview

Use the link below to request a peer tutor from the GSC Tutoring Center
(this includes Math and Writing Center requests)

Tutoring Request Form


For questions regarding tutoring contact:

Michele Lang
Academic Success Counselor/Tutoring Coordinator
304-462-6053 (during Spring 2020 I will receive your voicemail in my email.)

Want to be a tutor next semester?

Tutors are students who have performed well in the subject area for which they wish to tutor. A recommendation from one faculty in their specific field is required. Tutors must also have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above. This is a paid student worker position. Students interested in becoming tutors may inquire with Michele Lang (see contact information above) or submit an application through the Human Resources web page under Employment Opportunities.